Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Memorial Chamber: Back Within Sacred Ground

I was in the Memorial Chamber again at the end of the tour I took in December, as well as during my more recent trip inside. I have shown it to you before, here and here. These two lions stand sentinel at the entrance.

Their shields hold the dates of the Great War.

There's always something to photograph in here I might not have noticed before. And the carvings are exquisite work, done not just during the rebuilding of Centre Block, but through decades afterwards.

The war dead of Canada through early beginnings, two World Wars, Korea, and active service since are commemorated here.

And the mason's work stands the test of time.

This particular panel I haven't shown you before refers to campaigns involving Canadians during the 19th century. More from inside the Memorial Chamber tomorrow.


  1. I like the ornate details and the lions are awesome.

  2. The stone carvings are really impressive.

  3. So an interesting series, William!

  4. Unbelievable detail. Beautiful.

  5. @Linda: yet another example of lions in these parts.

    @Stuart: I think so too.

    @Karl: thanks!

    @Norma: just as long as they're stone!

    @Deb: the carvers did great work.

  6. Such beautiful work..carved with love, I'd say.
    Jane x

  7. I'm always amazed at the talents of those who can create such exquisite pieces. It's a beautiful tribute to those who served and died.

  8. What an amazing work. Beautiful carving. Have a great weekend William.

  9. Holding history, via carved relics.

  10. You're showing us somegreat decorations again. I can imagine one can see something new during each visit overthere.

  11. @Tex: thanks!

    @Jane and Chris: not to mention respect.

    @Lowell: it's a craft that you don't hear too much about, though there are stonemasons around today.

    @Luis: thanks!

    @Birdman: indeed!

    @Sharon: more of that to come.

    @Jan: indeed, particularly even in the cabinets containing the books of remembrance.

  12. I don't really associate Canada with war; however, I guess we've all experienced it. Lovely, informative photos.

  13. Love this place. Noticed the monument was in English and French. Are all your monuments like this?

  14. I always like to see beautiful carvings like these, William.

  15. Les lions sont partout. Symboles de monarchie, de pouvoir... (Sorry 'bout that, I felt like writing in my father's tongue for some reason...)

    I bet that you could photograph a thousand details there and still not be done.

  16. @Greensboro: we have quite a history with it, particularly when you feature in the two World Wars.

    @Cheryl: pretty much, as the country is bilingual officially.

    @RedPat: so do I.

    @Ciel: well, I can mostly remember my French, though I don't use it often. I gave someone directions in French today...

  17. More magnificent carvings and exceptional photos. I think the artist/s who created these had magical fingertips.

  18. Interesting series! Love the lion!

  19. The entire building is impressive. Fantastic details whether it is stone or wood.

  20. This is exquisite stuff. Art and remembrance.

  21. @Denise: I agree.

    @Linda: so do I.

    @Mari: thanks!

    @MB: thank you.

    @Eve: thanks!

    @Mike: I agree.