Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Most Infernal Game Devised

I was out in north Kanata, the westernmost urban area of the city, some weeks ago. This woodland separated me from March Road, which leads north into the country from Kanata.

Just looking at it, you'd expect you were out in the countryside. In fact, there was a deer in here... but too quick for a photograph.

Nearby was this view from a hotel-conference center window of the pool and the grounds beyond.

Unfortunately this includes a course for the proverbial infernal game devised of my title, also known as a good walk wasted, also known as golf. I really don't understand the mindset of a golfer....


  1. ah Summer in Ontario

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

  2. Golf isn't my thing but I'd like it better if I were good at it.

  3. Don't knock golf until you try it! ;-)
    The thing is, once you hit a couple of good shots, you start thinking you can do it again... doesn't always happen, but it could!
    Everything is looking green and lush there. I miss Ontario summers.

  4. I agree, a simple walk in the woods can yield much better results. :-)

  5. I don't understand it either but at least the golfer is outside and walking. MB

  6. Love this post and agree with you completely!

  7. I wanted to tell you something. The photo of the building you see at the bottom of the lake gives a feeling of remoteness rarely found elsewhere. I love it very much.


  8. i agree at least they are outside & walking. totally true. i have tried driving the ball, i think that is what it is called? that gets out stress & extra energy. but regular golfing - i really don't understand that sport or passion? ( :

  9. i don't have the patience for it. :) lovely murky skies.

  10. Me & you both there though they make a lot of money out of it

  11. @Linda: lots of green today!

    @Cloudia: thus far this summer's been a good one.

    @Linda: I just never understood the purpose.

    @Halcyon: my uncle has a brother or brother in law who's obsessed with it.

    @Revrunner: much more pleasant!

    @MB: unless they're using a golf cart.

    @VP: thank you!

    @Tomas: thanks!

    @Whisk: thanks.

    @Beth: it's something that you either like or can't go for.

    @Tex: I'd rather be climbing.

    @Bill: some of them certainly do.

  12. Golf is definitely not my thing. I would rather a walk in the woods.

  13. A nice place for a walk, only the weather could be better...

  14. ... also a good walk wasted in ugly clothes.I grew up on a golf course. It's in my blood and DNA.

  15. yeah, i don't get golf either....but golf courses are beautiful!

  16. My main complaint about golf is the water needed support some of the courses. Especially the ones in desert !

  17. Each to his own I suppose lol ! Lovely photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  18. I don't play either but, I have given it a try once or twice. I certainly know a lot of golfers who love it.

  19. @Luis: a good hike is always warranted.

    @Karl: here the summer has been relatively pleasant, very little in the way of heatwaves.

    @Birdman: ah, yes, the ugly clothes!

    @Tanya: they seem to take up a whole lot of space.

    @Stuart: I had the same feeling about them growing up.

    @Country Gal: I knew there had to be golfers about!

    @Sharon: it's a mystery to me.

  20. My husband would agree with you regarding golf but I also have brother in-laws and nephews who love the sport.

  21. Love to see all that green. Too bad it's a golf course.

  22. I think golf is one of those things better done than viewed!

  23. I prefer to be out with my camera than with a golf club...and it's cheaper too.

  24. I don't get the meaning of the game, but i can understand that it is more than a game for some people.
    I can see a part of golf course from my apartment. There is always people early in the morning or late evening, in winter time or summer time with +40 deg C.
    I like greenery in your pictures.

  25. I have never played golf, however it is quite popular here.

  26. I don't get it. Golf courses can be pretty, but they're mighty intensive users of water and chemicals to keep them lush and green.

  27. Golf...another four-letter word'

  28. @Denise: I have a number of cousins who engage in it.

    @Judy: I'd prefer something other than this, but golfers rule the roost.

    @Cheryl: well I don't understand the audience demand for it either!

    @EG: photography's far more interesting!

    @RedPat: I've played once. That was enough.

    @Feyza: in your part of the world, it astonishes me that anyone would play in that weather.

    @Marleen: it's quite popular here too.

    @Kay: I think those are two of the issues I have with these course.

    @Norma: a big four letter word!

  29. Soon I was out, and so many interesting things here arrived.

  30. I played golf today and I don't understand it either.

  31. What a beautiful course. I have seen some incredible golf and once even shook the hand of Arnold Palmer (I was young). So, from what I understand, not-playing may be better than the frustration of playing. In tennis you play quickly and by the time you hit it into the net, it is time for the next point. In golf, you might spend all day just looking for that infernal ball!


  32. They asked you to meet at hole 19? ;-)

  33. I live with a golf fanatic so I get it.

  34. Ok, William, I'm not going to fall out with you and your thoughts about golf :). I will say that I really do love your last shot!!!

  35. Ah, yes. Golf. sigh.
    I like March Rd. so diverse.

  36. Golfing to me seems like a good excuse for lots of walking.

  37. When I look at the first two pictures I think you've done it far from me.

  38. @Mariusz: thank you.

    @Jack: I'll never get it.

    @Genie: I don't like tennis either!

    @Merisi: definitely not!

    @Jackie: I've never gotten it!

    @Jose: that they are.

    @Lauren: hah!

    @Jennifer: it's quite an area.

    @Beatrice: true!