Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ice Sculptures In The Evening

I am finishing my Winterlude series with three days of posts, featuring the ice sculptures all lit up in the evening. These were taken on the final Saturday of the festival. This first one was the sculpture erected on behalf of the European Commission at Ottawa City Hall, with the 2017 torch behind it. This sculpture celebrated the anniversaries of Canadian Confederation and the establishment of what would become the EU.

This was the ice sculpture at one of the entrances into Confederation Park.

Nearby was the 150 sculpture, all lit up.

I also photographed this ice sculpture that I hadn't caught before.

Here we have the Vimy Memorial sculpture, commemorating the centennial of that battle, and weaving Walter Allward's designs into a Maple Leaf.

The polar bear was well lit up.

And here we start with the pairs ice sculptures. It was quite a line to get in here, but I wanted to see these sculptures under the lights. The colours changed gradually. I have more from here over the next couple of days.


  1. The night light adds special enchantment to these lovely sculptures.

  2. That makes them more splendid as they already are!

  3. Makes them look even more beautiful. I like the last 2 photos!

  4. now we are talking ... such a smart idea. love it!! Happy Weekend! ( ;

  5. @Tomas: thanks!

    @Gemma: it does.

    @Marianne: I agree.

    @Marleen: me too.

    @Beth: thanks!

  6. The light makes them even more special.

  7. Hey, you finally got to the lights. these are my kind of sculptures.

  8. Ouah ! Il look very cold in your country. Here in Lausanne, Switzerland, not so much snow so far. But can came still.
    Bests regards.

  9. You do so well photographing them at night.

  10. @Lowell: it does!

    @Cloudia: me too.

    @Red: I knew I'd want to save them for last.

    @Beatrice: it's still cold today! Thanks for stopping in.

    @Jennifer: thank you! I'm lucky I got them in that night- the warm up on those days did damage to some of the sheltered ones when I stopped by the following day.

  11. They look great glowing at night.

  12. Absolutely awesome! This is another reason this series is one of my favorites. Just beautiful!

  13. These are lovely ... I wish I was there in person, but your photographs bring it to life superbly.

    Have a great weekend

    All the best Jan

  14. Gorgeous and captivating, William!

  15. ...thanks for sharing these gorgeous sculptures!

  16. It is a bit easier to see them at night, William!

  17. They looks great in the evening and in colorful light spots.

  18. @Sharon: they do!

    @Mari: I always like ending the series with these all aglow.

    @Jan: I was pleased that I was able to get out and see them.

    @Linda: they are!

    @Tom: you're welcome.

    @RedPat: it is!

    @Orvokki: they really do.

  19. The sculptures under the lights have a magical quality to them.

  20. These feel even colder at night!

  21. Certainly very striking all lit up like that. Must be amazing to see with your own eyes.

  22. A completely different scenario in the evening all lit up William, super to see.

  23. @Revrunner: that they were.

    @Kate: they do!

    @Norma: I agree.

    @Kay: they do indeed.

    @Denise: it is, yes.

    @Grace: that it is.