Sunday, March 26, 2017

Parliamentary Stroll

As I mentioned in my first post about Crashed Ice, I took some shots from Parliament Hill over the course. I also took time to get other shots in that day; these and the shots I'll show you in the next three posts are from that day, February 20th. I was surprised to find that day that there was access open to the area behind Centre Block. It had been closed off for a good long while because of the ongoing work around the Hill. Part of that had involved replacement of the wall that rings the top of the Hill back here. So it was a pleasure to see that a good part of the area (though not all of it) has been reopened to public access. I took in a winter view of the Ottawa River and Gatineau from the outlook.

The access came to a close to the west of this statue, where work continues to proceed. This is George-Etienne Cartier, one of our Fathers of Confederation, and a co-premier of the province of Canada during the years leading up to Confederation. It was cast in the shadow of the nearby Library Of Parliament.

The Library is a marvel to look at. It is the sole surviving portion of the original Centre Block, which was destroyed in a fire in 1916. The quick action of a clerk in closing the heavy steel door leading into this part of the building saved the library and its collection. It's a Gothic beauty, inside and out.

Here is another view- the river is wide here, meeting the entrance of the Rideau Canal, which lies below to the right. The view across takes in the National Gallery and Notre Dame Basilica, as well as Major's Hill Park.


  1. What a awesome building, I love it lot.

  2. The library building design is stunning. Amazing story about the alert clerk saving it from fire.

  3. such a fan of the Gothic beauty. so glad he did close the door to save the architecture. so thankful!!! ( :

  4. Those panoramic visuals are stunning; as is the cathedral. Hope that most of the snow is gone by now!

  5. ...thanks for the tour this morning, the library is gorgeous!

  6. Super images of images William, the library building is incredibly beautiful!

  7. Beautiful views. And library is amazing building. Wonderful architecture.

  8. @Orvokki: the interior is the most beautiful space of the city. I have to do a tour sometime this year.

    @Gemma: that clerk did the country a great service.

    @Beth: there is no shortage of Gothic architecture here, which I love.

    @Lowell: we got some back this week, and the temperature is below freezing!

    @Tom: you're welcome.

    @Grace: it really is.

    @Klara: I agree!

  9. Great series. I love seeing the Notre Dame Basilica.


  10. I got to peak in the parliamentary library and to see the beauty. I wa amazed how high the shelves were. I didn't really take time to have a good look at the exterior.

  11. You make us love wonderful Canada even MORE!

  12. Beautiful views and building, William! I love your perspective in these photos.

  13. Marvel is the right word to describe that building. What a wonderful building.

  14. What an eye catching and elegant building for a library, William!

  15. The library is beautiful and very impressive. Great perspective on your photos William!

  16. That library is something else, William! Thanks for showing it!

  17. @Janis: it is a stunning church!

    @Red: I definitely have to go in sometime this year and do the tour again.

    @Cloudia: thank you!

    @Linda: I love showing the city off.

    @Sharon: it is indeed.

    @Marleen: the architecture was grand.

    @Bill: thank you!

    @RedPat: you're welcome.

  18. You do good research! I always learn a lot!

  19. Fantastic architect. How fortunate someone was able to save such a treasure.

  20. Very nice shots! That's a great "salvation" story about the library. The U.S. Library of Congress is really beautiful inside but falls short of yours on its exterior.

  21. Wow that library is something else!
    Amazing building.

    All the best Jan

  22. The building is magnificent structure the Library and the Ottawa river.
    Thank you for showing us.

  23. Glad the library survived. Very interesting architecture!

  24. @Norma: eventually!

    @Jennifer: thanks!

    @Mari: the Library is a treasure.

    @Kay: our Library and Archives, which would be the rough equivalent of what the Library of Congress does, is set in a much more modern building.

    @Jan: it certainly is.

    @Jack: that it is.

    @Carolann: you're welcome.

    @Linda: it does have that.