Friday, March 31, 2017

Work At The National Arts Centre

I have been keeping regular track of the work at the National Arts Centre, where a glass enclosure has been added around parts of the building. The project is due to be done in time for Canada Day, and in the meantime, the building continues to be open for music and theatre productions. You can find the last post here.

These shots were taken on Sunday. I approached from the southwest corner of the building. The sculpture of the Canadian jazz legend Oscar Peterson can be found at his piano, with his music playing from the speakers mounted on the wall above.

Heading over to the east side of the building, I headed for one of the entrances. I paused heading down the stairs for this view of the work site. While the glass is in place and a good deal of the work is now indoors, that wall with the grid pattern you see is something that's yet to be done, and there's a similar section on the west side. It might well be that these sections are going to have fresh stucco exteriors installed in the next couple of months. Time's now getting short for the finished project, so we'll see. 

The building was open when I stepped into the lobby- there was a concert on that day geared towards children. This fountain arrangement can be found in the lobby.

This large art installation can be found in a nearby staircase, descending down from the ceiling above.

I wanted a shot of this poster for a concert this past week.

This space is usually the box office area. The box office has been moved over to a space in The Chambers complex across Elgin Street, and the work site in effect starts here.

Back in the lobby area, when one comes in for a concert or performance in one of the NAC spaces, they'll come through here.

This last shot, from the Mackenzie King Bridge, shows the NAC, the Canal, Parliament Hill, and Plaza Bridge. While the ice still is there, I can tell you that further away from here, there are open spots on the Canal, one of which features into the theme day post. It might not look like it, but spring is coming. 


  1. Thanks for the sneak peak inside. It looks like it's going to be stunning when finished.

  2. Looking forward to see the completed work. There is still plenty of snow outside.

  3. I have always enjoy Oscar Peterson and Oliver Jones, two Canadian musical greats.

  4. Seeing a poster for Sibelius put a smile on his face. Being from Finland, he seems to be most popular in the northernmost latitudes. I love the indoor photo with all the color. (91 more days until Canada Day)!

    Happy Friday


  5. What a nice sculpture of that man sitting at his piano.

  6. @Kay: I think it will.

    @Nancy: and more today, though it hasn't started yet.

    @Tom: they are both great musicians.

    @Janis: I love his music. I didn't get a chance to go to this week's performances.

    @Marleen: Oscar is my favourite sculpture in the city.

    @Beth: I figured going indoors at least once was a good idea for the series.

  7. Good to see my fave mr. Person at his piano!

  8. People are starting to get excited about Canada's 150th birthday. It looks like Ottawa will be decked out in its finest.

  9. Seeing Oscar Peterson at the piano reminds me of Oliver Jones, here in Montreal. Both great musicians! Nice series, William!

  10. They still have some work to go before the big day arrives.

  11. Nice sculpture -- and I like the thought of his music being played nearby. Clever idea!

  12. They will be putting in long hours to get that project finished in time!

  13. I sure hope they get it completed on time without having to cut any corners. Love the statue of Oscar at his piano ;)

  14. Hope work is done soon. Looks like a big job!

  15. @Cloudia: it's a marvelous sculpture.

    @Red: we'll be ready for it!

    @Linda: both are great!

    @Sharon: and I'm sure they're anxious to finish up on time.

    @SRQ: it's soothing to hear his music.

    @Revrunner: indeed, but spring is coming, which will help things along. Even though it's snowing today. I was downtown this morning, though- the water in the canal is now open here by the NAC.

    @Wendy: I think they're making good progress.

    @Halcyon: it's a very big job!

  16. Oscar Peterson and his piano is my favorite. It is great you can hear his music playing when visiting.

  17. I can definitely see that spring is on the way based on your previous postings. Nice work that always makes me want to visit Ottawa. Sadly my husband says I wouldn't like it because of the weather or because there are so many government buildings. I LOVE your posts. You make your city shine!

  18. All that snow hanging around is creeping me out. :-)

  19. I like the idea of the jazz music playing by the sculpture.

  20. Wonderful series of images from the NAC William, looking forward to seeing it when it's fini!

  21. It's going to be beautiful when it's finished!

  22. I do miss being at the NAC! Great reminders.

  23. The Centre looks interesting. I like Peterson sculpture very much.

  24. @Bill: I passed by him just the other day.

    @Eve: we get hot summers.

    @Revrunner: but it's a good thing.

    @Mari: yes, it's a good addition.

    @Grace: thank you!

    @Norma: it is now!

    @Jennifer: it's quite a building now.

    @Klara: I do as well.