Friday, March 3, 2017

Taking In Snow Sliding Within Jacques Cartier Park

I'm returning to the Winterlude series today. The festival also takes place over in Gatineau as well as Ottawa. Much of the activities center around Jacques Cartier Park, on the shore of the Ottawa River, where the park is turned into a big winter playground, with sculptures and slides. The Ice Hogs, the mascots of Winterlude, can be found here much of the time.

Carvings are to be found in along the sides or backs of the massively constructed snow slides.

This large Muskoka style chair was also there in the park. Tomorrow we'll start looking at some of the snow sculptures.


  1. I love all the snow, and the carvings are beautiful!!!

  2. Looks cold! The carvings are neat!

  3. Sure looks freezing cold with all that snow. Beautiful carvings.

  4. The fourth carving is the one I like the most.


  5. You have a lot of fun with the snow!

  6. Love the carvings and the snow slides. Do you enjoy the extended winters of Ottawa?

    Happy Friday!


  7. The snow carvings are really nice!

  8. ok, i didn't know what you call these guys, like sand castles but snow castles. so neat!! love the one of them like falling into the snow!! so creative!! i bet it is very cold work. freezing too. happy weekend, William!! ( ;

  9. @Linda: thanks!

    @Linda: it was cold.

    @Nancy: definitely chilly.

    @Tomas: thank you.

    @Francisco: thanks.

    @Marianne: we do indeed.

    @Janis: I certainly love it.

    @Marleen: they are!

    @Beth: thanks!

  10. Lots going on there! I love then enigmatic smile of your snowbound "Mona Lisa."

  11. I wondered about places for sledding. I'm not much of a skater but, a wild downhill ride on a sled might be fun.

  12. Those sled shutes are fantastic. I've not seen anything like it. And once again I'm so impressed with the way y'all figure out how to have fun in the midst of freezing cold and frost-bitten extremities!

  13. Such fun for all! Did you go down??!!

  14. @Kate: she does have the expression!

    @Cloudia: I do too!

    @Sharon: it can be, yes! There are toboggan runs here and there, but this place is a blast.

    @Lowell: we make the most of winter.

    @Jennifer: not this time, but I have done it before.

  15. The skies in the first three shots is brilliant William, the sledding looks fun too, but I bet here it's not about fun it's all about speed!

  16. Those are huge slides! Looks fun and carvings are beautiful!

  17. Those slides look a bit bumpy! My back remembers those bumpy childhood rides!

  18. Wauu .. so much snow and so lovely snow art. I like.

  19. WOW! That is one big and amazing slide! So cool!

  20. @Grace: it is a whole lot of fun!

    @Janey: kids do have a blast.

    @Tamago: they really go all out with this park.

    @RedPat: the park gets well used throughout Winterlude.

    @Orvokki: they do really create a wonderland here.

    @Whisk: indeed!

    @Klara: it does bring in the kids.

  21. Looks like fun! I do like that chair.

  22. Ottawa goes all out to provide entertainment . It gets people outdoors and active.

  23. I am so thankful that it is you that exists there; not me.

  24. Are those slides a "bring your own sled" sort of affair? This is a different side of Winterlude. No shortage of fun.

  25. @Eve: they are!

    @Lois: so do I.

    @Revrunner: indeed!

    @Red: it does.

    @Mari: cold is a good thing.

    @Furry Gnome: it is!

    @Kay: yes, people bring their own sleds, or go down by the seat of their pants!

  26. Snow slides and carvings are Magnificent. Thank you for your pictures for all of us to enjoy.

  27. Many years ego I had Swiss friend going to work to Canada. I was telling me, sometime, they are so much snow, that you can'i go home. So, always a bed in friends 'house.

    1. There are parts of this country with severe winters. Ottawa can be a very cold place in winter.