Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Traversing The Wall

This is an untitled work by Stephen Brathwaite that incorporates steel, granite slabs, and coloured glass, depicting two life sized climbers on a rock wall. It is situated in City Hall, in the main council chamber. The door was open one day in February, so I went in and took the opportunity to photograph it.

In the adjoining hall, an orchestra was in the midst of rehearsals.


  1. A strange place for such an abstract sculpture.

  2. Very interesting sculpture and I would have enjoyed the rehearsal.

  3. Quite an unusual art feature in a council chamber. Maybe there is a message there, that though memebers may hit brick walls, they keep climbing.

  4. Wonderful sculptures with a story to tell.

  5. It's different from the usual, I like it!

  6. The figures look like layers of stone. isn't it just like a blogger to wander through an open door!

  7. Interesting sculpture. Thank you for posting your photos
    I think in that room, its a message to work together for the good.

  8. @Catalyst: I think that given that the activity stresses teamwork, it sends a message.

    @Denise: I should have stayed for a bit!

    @Gemma: possibly!

    @Nancy: it appeals to the rock climber in me.

    @Marleen: it is quite different.

    @Marianne: it must have taken a long while with the glass for the figures.

    @Janey: they did look like stone, but they're not!

    @Mike: indeed!

    @Magwyn: you're welcome.

  9. ...a very interesting installation.

  10. Well done on spotting that open door William ☺ it's an unusual sculpture, a surprising discovery oui! The music was a fab bonus!

  11. I like this piece! Thanks for slipping in to photograph it.

  12. Okay. That's interesting. The wall is interesting. But what does it all mean? Does the wall have a special significance?

  13. That's a major piece of sculpture. He shows lots of movement and strength.

  14. @Janis: I certainly think so!

    @Tom: it is!

    @Grace: I've known it was there, but most times I've been in here, either the door's been locked or there's a council meeting going on.

    @Cloudia: I agree.

    @Sharon: you're welcome.

    @Lowell: perhaps politics can drive us all up a wall?

    @Karl: it is!

    @Red: he did very good work with it.

  15. The wall concept has some interesting connotations these days, but I like the piece of artwork (if not the real idea of building a wall... :)

  16. glad you did get in trouble or what not? hey, the door was open, i went in. ha. ha!! so creative!! ( ;

  17. I like it! Pretty interesting artwork.

  18. What a work of art these sculptures are.

    All the best Jan

  19. Hello, it is a great exhibit. Great photos. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  20. Cool sculptures in City Hall :)

  21. @Meradeth: I wonder what the councillors think of it.

    @SC: I do as well.

    @Beth: nobody stopped me!

    @Susie: I think so too.

    @Jan: thanks!

    @Eileen: thank you.

    @Klara: indeed.

    @Lois: it is!

  22. Our city's sculptures of The Climbers is located outside. Somehow that seems more appropriate. I do love the tulips that introduce the photos.

  23. Very interesting and so darn creative!
    Nice photos also William.

  24. That's an unusual installation. I really like it. But your new tulip header is a real attention getter. I'm looking forward to this year's crop!

  25. That is just hilarious! I'm not sure I like it, though.

  26. @Mari: I do too.

    @Pat: thanks!

    @Kay: I have to get this year's spring header set up.

    @Linda: it is, yes.

    @Orvokki: so did I.

    @Norma: it is!

    @Jennifer: I do.

  27. I missed this one in 2017. It's wonderful.