Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Marching In Green

First, I have indeed switched out my header image for a spring like shot, even though as of the time I wrote this last evening, it was snowing heavily. It's a shot from the Tulip Festival last May.

The St. Patrick's parade was held last Saturday here in Ottawa. It was a particularly cold day as the parade went along a route that started at City Hall and ended at Lansdowne. I went along the route, photographing at various spots, mostly where there weren't onlookers. It started out with flags and bagpipes. I have more from this over the next two days.


  1. Very nice procession, William! I love the horses.

  2. Paddy's Day. I must remember that when we have our St Patrick's Day.

  3. By the header image, already it is noticed that we are going to enter in spring.
    Very good shots !



  4. Love the old cart in your parade and the floats are creative. Finally, your tulip header looks stunning.

  5. ...our St Patty's Day parade was last Saturday in a snow storm and it is still snow. Keep your flowers coming, please.

  6. hey, it is time to change the header. nice!! love the horses and green St. Patrick's day parade. so fun!! ( ;

  7. I like the old cart and the horses in your parade.
    Nice header, love the tulips !

  8. Awesome new header! We don't have a tradition of St. Patrick's day parades. we are missing something.

  9. I like the new header! I can't believe there aren't any crowds for this parade. That seems so unusual.

  10. @Linda: they were big horses!

    @Andrew: it's a big day here.

    @Tomas: spring feels a long way off today!

    @Gemma: I figured the middle of March was a good time to start a spring header. I did have a devil of a time narrowing down which one I wanted though- I went through several tulip headers before going with this one.

    @Revrunner: I expect this year they might be a bit late.

    @Tom: come May and early June, I've got an overdose of tulips each year in this blog.

    @Marianne: thanks!

    @Beth: thank you.

    @Karl: thanks!

    @Cloudia: indeed.

    @Red: there are a lot of Irish descendants spread through the Ottawa Valley.

    @Sharon: well, it was a very cold day, which might have kept the numbers down, but I noticed a good many people watching from apartment windows and inside the stores along the route, and I tended to photograph where there were gaps anyway.

  11. Love the horses and carriage. And the tulips as well! :)

  12. Lovely header. Nice parade with floats, carts and horses.

  13. The header is gorgeous William, I'm looking forward to your spring tulip shots. The horses in the parade are always my favourite part!
    P.s. it's a good thing you like snow so much ☺

  14. Good captures. #5 is #1 for me. Cute horses.

  15. Nice shots of parade.
    Your header is very beautiful.

  16. Clydesdales...they're actually from Scotland!

  17. I absolutely love your new header, William!!! The pond, the Canada geese, the tulips! :)

  18. Our parade is this Sunday when hopefully it will be a bit warmer than today!

  19. Your header is beautifully hopeful. So's the parade. Not too many people out watching it, methinks. I wonder what ol' St. Pat would think of all this folderol? Wouldn't it be funny if someone proved that St. Pat was a teetotaler?

  20. Love a parade; Clydesdales and all!


  21. @Marleen: thanks!

    @Nancy: it was fun to watch, but oh so cold!

    @Grace: spring seems a long way off today. It's still snowing!

    @Klara: they're quite a formidable pair.

    @Orvokki: thank you!

    @Norma: they're big horses!

    @Linda: it took a bit of time to choose! I went through several before I chose that.

    @RedPat: it's still cold here!

    @Lowell: a lot of people tended to watch from indoors, it was that cold.

    @Janis: the horses definitely impressed me.

  22. I do like your header photo showing all of the tulips.

    Parades are great fun to see, it looks very colourful.
    I especially like the big horses.

    All the best Jan

  23. Nice parade. Sorry it is so cold. we are warm--50sF here and rainy of course.

  24. Love those draft horses! And some of them may be smiling but based on the way they're dressed those people look very cold.

  25. Very nice pictures of the parade William. Happy Saint Patrick's Day.