Monday, November 14, 2022

New Edinburgh

I left off yesterday with close ups of leaves turning colours. So I begin with that today. 

I carried on along Sussex Drive. One of the landmarks along this road is this formidable building housing labs for the National Research Council, a government science organization.

A bridge lies ahead here, with red trees on this side of it.

This cluster of buildings started out as Ottawa's City Hall, but is today known as the Diefenbaker Building, an annex for the foreign ministry. It lies on Green Island, where the Rideau River splits in two branches and meets the Ottawa River.

Here's the west branch of the Rideau River, with the parkland of Green Island on the other shore.

And here we are on Green Island properly.

There are several monuments on and around Green Island, most of a military subject. Two of them are seen across the grass here- the globe at centre marks a Second World War monument for Canadian and other Allied airmen. Off to the right, a curving wall is dedicated to Canadians who fought in the Spanish Civil War.

More close ups of fall colours. 

I crossed the east branch of the Rideau River. Both branches plunge into the Ottawa River as the Rideau Falls. Across the river on the Gatineau shore is the wooded Leamy Lake Park, while the Gatineau Hills can be seen on the horizon.

Along the east shore of the Rideau River, this pavilion houses space for the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

What was founded as a village in the 19th century- New Edinburgh- lies on the east shore of the river and is now a neighbourhood in Ottawa as a whole.


  1. A pleasure to walk among those colours.

  2. If only we have such beautiful colours here. Walking exercises will be a pleasure.

  3. It's like here, the trees still have colored leaves ! Nature is late this year !

  4. What a beautiful walk to take. The colours are delightful.

  5. It's too bad we memorialized Diefenbaker with a building. He didn't deserve it.

  6. Wow, the fall leaves are gorgeous. I like the Diefenbaker building. Take care, have a great new week!

  7.'s wonderful to see the colors and blue skies. I snowed a bit here yesterday.

  8. I really ike all the reds. In my surrounding most af the trees are slowly turning yellow. We don't have a lot of red colouring leaves.

  9. @Italiafinlandia: it is indeed.

    @Nancy: it's nice to walk in such conditions.

    @Stefan: as do I.

    @Gattina: well, bear in mind these photos are a month old now.

    @Gemel: very much so.

    @David: he made mistakes, for sure.

  10. @Eileen: sometime in the spring I should go back and focus on that building.

    @Tom: there was snow here in the night.

    @Francisco: thanks.

    @Iris: I think so too.

    @Marie: me too.

    @Jan: we get a lot.

  11. Wow, those trees are brilliant.

  12. The reds in autumn are wonderful.

  13. Love seeing leaf colors again! Isn't it wonderful how people began settling near river junctions, and thus big cities are placed on their banks!

  14. Foliage is gorgeous ~ lovely sky and buildings too ~

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  15. Lovely photos of the autumnal trees:)

  16. So delicious! What an interesting cluster of buildings

  17. You've had a beautiful fall. These photos are lovely!