Monday, November 28, 2022

Warfare On A Larger Scale

 This field gun is a veteran of the South African War, where it saw service at the Battle of Leliefontein. Three Canadians won Victoria Crosses in that battle for extraordinary bravery under fire.

Georgina Pope served as a nurse during the South African War. She would continue on in that duty afterwards and see duty in the First World War, coming to command Canada's nurses in military service.

This Colt revolver was the personal revolver of one of those who won a Victoria Cross at Leliefontein: Richard Turner. It really isn't too different from a contemporary version.

Following the South African War came the build up towards the First World War. A large area introduces us to the causes of the conflict. Canada, as part of the British empire, would automatically be committed to the war, which would see conflict on a larger scale than ever seen before.

Here we have the uniform of a typical Canadian recruit from early in the war.

This large painting has always appealed to me. Canada's Answer is by Norman Wilkinson, and depicts the sailing of the first contingent of 32 000 soldiers for Europe in October 1914.

A few years difference between this field gun and our first one from the South African War, but advances were obvious. Artillery fire of the war was one of the real killers of the war. Canadian soldiers would first see combat at the Second Battle Of Ypres. The quotes on the wall to the right speak volumes of that battle.

Canadian doctor, poet, and soldier John McCrae had served in the South African War, and came back for the First World War. At Ypres a friend was killed in combat. In Flanders Fields was McCrae's response.

His personal pistol is displayed here too.


  1. William - "In Flanders Fields" is simple and yet so profound. I might have had water dripping from my eyes .. The horrors of war ..

  2. That nurse looks so innocent and good spirited

  3. Wars have destroyed many innocent lives and families.

  4. The painting is very emotive. Reflects the mood of such a journey perfectly.

  5. In Flanders Fields is happening again in Europe now ... so dad!

  6. Wonder how many lives were lost using that cannon.

  7. ...warfare keeps getting BIGGER and BIGGER!

  8. Fascinating information. That Canadian uniform is really interesting to ponder. And that cannon!

  9. Georgina Pope was an inspiring woman.

  10. Amazing war exhibit and photos ~

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  11. Fighting never gets old, just get new people to replace the fallen ones. Very sad!

  12. Todo ello recuerda a muchas personas, que intervinieron en la guerra defendiendo los ideales de su gran país.

  13. If I ever knew the name Georgina Pope I had forgotten it.

    1. She is included in a set of busts and statues near the War Memorial called The Valiants.

  14. The wars never end... so sad.

    All the best Jan