Monday, December 15, 2014

A Bear

I found this photograph in my archives from last year. I remember taking the shots, but not publishing them. The bear sculpture is at the end of Sparks Street, facing the War Memorial, and has been there for many years. Someone at the time thought it was a good idea to add some Christmas decorations to the sculpture, in the form of the ribbon and Christmas lights. The widow of the artist did not like that at all, and the additions were quickly removed.

The electronic screen and billboard behind this have since been removed. There was talk for awhile of moving the bear down the street; some buffoon thinks a sculpture of the Stanley Cup should be placed here, simply because the concept of a hockey championship was hatched at this intersection in the 19th Century. It might have been the same dolt who thought the lights and ribbon was a swell idea. If by chance this post falls under the eyes of the aforementioned buffoon: you're an idiot, sir or madam (most likely sir, and why on earth am I being polite by using polite terms? As I said, I think you're an idiot). 


  1. There is a statue of Father Kino riding a horse in Tucson near the corner of
    Kino Boulevard and 15th street. Since 1991 before every Christmas, Santa hats are placed on the horses ears. After Christmas they disappear.
    No one knows who does this.
    I love it !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. By this time, people are much uncovers and makes many things that before they did not made.


  3. I don't know, I sort of like the bow and ribbon. :-)

  4. I agree with the widow, hands of the public art.

  5. That looks mighty bear. Ribbon and Christmas lights do not look so good. But I might like if the bear wears scarf, maybe :-)

    Happy Monday xoxo

  6. I agree that the bear is perfect where it is now!

  7. I must admit to dressing up MY bear. He's wearing a red cape right now.
    What people tend to forget is that not everyone celebrates Christmas. It'd be bad of the sculpture was Jewish, methinks!

  8. The Stanely Cup?! Sheesh! *rolls eyes*.
    Jane x

  9. oh, i see it now ... at 1st - i thought what is that creature?? ( :
    around here in VA there was a bear stolen from a store ... he was not as a huge but very big ... why would some one steal a bear? he has returned to the rightful owner ... so silly. nuts even.

  10. Yep, leave the artist's work alone!

  11. @Parsnip: in this case, the family's wishes must be respected.

    @Cloudia: indeed!

    @Tomas: I think so!

    @Revrunner: it's certainly colourful.

    @Marianne: I have to agree.

    @Tanya: it should be left there.

    @Tamago: it's a pretty big sculpture.

    @VP: he looks like he belongs.

    @Jennifer: a red cape, huh?

    @Jane and Chris: it's been awhile since I've heard anything, so the idea might have been dropped.

    @Beth: well at least that bear returned.

    @EG: it should be like that.

    @Chrissy: this time of year tends to be cold!

  12. a beautiful sculpture, and i'd not like the 'additions' either. :)

  13. Looks more like a human-bear hybrid....

  14. The decorations make the bear look less grizzly and more cuddly.

  15. Maybe a scarf and beanie would have been more appropriate in that weather William :)

  16. The decoration is completely tacky. On the other hand I'm not sure if the location for the sculpture is the right place. I'm sure there would be better places for a bear. It's not a good call to make from this distance.

  17. Such a fierce creature would never wear a bow. He looks much more intimidating than the bear I posted a few days ago.

  18. I admit I have execrable taste, but I love the decorations! Makes the bear look like he's dancing and singing!

  19. @Tex: let's just say that some of the decisions from the business association at Sparks Street have been, well... not that bright.

    @Norma: I can see that.

    @Sharon: he looks better without.

    @Grace: he's a bear, he can take it!

    @Luis: it stands out better now that the screen is gone from behind it.

    @Red: I'll have to photograph it again. The removal of the screen makes for a better framing of the sculpture.

    @Judy: he does!

    @Cheryl: I can see that.

    @MB: different tastes for different folks!

  20. Funny how people think sometimes that their crazy idea is worth pursuing and then they pursue it even though no one else agrees with them. I like the bear sculpture but the rest of that crap can be left off!

    Would you believe that we have a lot of black bears here in central Florida. In fact I heard the other day that 8 bears have been killed in our county (Marion) this year - I guess mostly by cars. Every once in awhile a bear ends up downtown in a tree and "they" have to return it to the woods. I've never seen one in the wild here, in spite of their numbers.

  21. I actually like the decorations..

  22. I find the decorations sort of cute, but I can understand why the artist's widow wouldn't like it.

  23. Lol, I can't imagine the uproar in Versailles if any of the statues were to end up with a scarf... This is a little bit of a frightening bear but then again one should be frightened of them and stop encroaching on their territory...

  24. Teddy bear clothes - I like a sense of humor :)

  25. I'm glad they have removed the decorations!

  26. I don't like those red decorations, but what's more important, I think it doesn't show a lot of respect for that great artist's work.

  27. Whoever decorated the bear should have asked for permission first, then followed the wishes of the artist's widow. As for the Stanley Cup being there, that does sound ridiculous. Hope they don't move it.

  28. Um ato impensado que causou o furor da viúva do artista. Não é de bom tom mexer em objetos que não lhe pertence. Para tal feito devia ter permissão.
    Um abraço

  29. Boy, that's a lot of comments...not much to add, but I like the story behind this photo.

  30. From the back, can you see the 'bear behind'? GRIN.

  31. Awesome bear, but not so awesome a red ribbon would harm this time of year.

  32. There is a lot of public sculpture in Seattle. People have adopted some of it and added scarves and caps in winter though I've only seen it on human sculptures. The bow on this bear looks particularly silly, though.

  33. Not something you see everyday.

  34. I have been going back and forth on this issue. Yes, artworks should not be desecrated. But, I have seen some sculptures -- mostly at colleges, I admit -- where there is an unofficial competition to see who can clothe it most creatively. Maybe we have to wait until the artist and family are gone before making them clothes racks.

  35. @Lowell: it's a formidable sculpture in and of itself.

    @Marleen: some do, others don't, oddly!

    @Halcyon: I recall she was quite protective of her husband's work.

    @Ciel: it's also a massive sculpture. Bigger than life.

    @Mariusz: it certainly is something different.

    @RedPat: they shouldn't have been added in the first place.

    @Jan: I do suspect a Marketing Chimp in the business association.

    @Bill: there was once a hotel at that intersection, the Russell. The story goes that Lord Stanley was inside having a brandy and musing on the idea of a championship trophy for the game.

    @Gracita: I think I'm going to have to translate that!

    @Pat: yes, this one got a lot of comments already.

    @Birdman: hah!

    @Mari: he has a fierce reputation to uphold.

    @Kay: there were scarves and hats on the statues of the Valiants last winter, but they were deliberately placed there for those in need to take as they needed.

    @Randy: definitely not.

    @Jack: if memory serves, there's an old replica cannon at the University of Guelph that gets repainted by students every year.

  36. Don't hold back, William. And, you might like to add the thorny issue of who pays for this type of idiot to your list of woes?!

  37. Too bad the wife was so uptight. A little holiday fun is well, fun.

  38. LOL A Stanley Cup replica would be out of place I think. Good thing the signs etc. are gone. The bear is ok but the bow is ugly. Is this the Sparks St. Mall?