Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Lights

Taken at dusk, these Christmas lights are in the South Keys area. The hotel property has several of them lit up.


  1. Lovely. Dusk is my favourite time of day.

  2. So beautiful! I love seeing how different cities decorate for the season.

  3. You have so much now! Really White Christmas.
    The lights in the trees are wonderful.

  4. Beautiful! I love the warm cast of light on this chilly scene.

  5. Oo! I like that layer of snow that captures some of the color and light.

  6. Bom dia William
    As luzes encantam nesta foto magnífica.
    Que este natal seja pleno de amor, harmonia e fraternidade para você e sua família.
    Um abraço

  7. Special winterlight and nice decorated trees.

  8. pretty. i would love some snow for Christmas. it is so brown around here. i wish for a a WHITE Christmas please. ( :

  9. Wow, how pretty! Dusk creates such lovely colors and it's even prettier with the Christmas lights!

  10. Wonderful sight with the snow and all those christmas trees.
    It won't be easy to get in chrsitmas atmosphere overhere with temperatures of 10 ºC and higher ...

  11. A fantastic atmosphere, William !

  12. @Linda: mine too.

    @Whisk: definitely!

    @Halcyon: and there are a lot of lights here.

    @Orvokki: we're probably going to have a white Christmas. There was a bit of a warmup, but it didn't put that much of a dent in the snow, and it's snowing again this morning.

    @Tomas: thank you!

    @Kay: I really liked how the shot turned out.

    @Andy: thanks.

    @Revrunner: we've got a good layer of snow about now.

    @Gracita: thank you!

  13. @Marianne: the hotel did nicely with it.

    @Beth: a white Christmas there would be lovely!

    @Sharon: I thought so.

    @Hilary: thanks!

    @Tamago: I love the light that time of day.

    @Jan: that we won't see until at least late March.

    @Jane and Chris: thanks!

    @Karl: thank you!

  14. That's a lot of trees with lights but they sure look good in the night in the snow. It doesn't look much like the South Keys, though. I've been to Key Largo a number of times, and Marathon, too, on our way to Key West, and I can't ever remember seeing snow. :)

  15. The decorations and lights add a touch of warmth to an otherwise cold and snowy evening.

  16. So many light, at the perfect hour of the day!

  17. @EG: yes, it is. It surprises me that this hotel puts out that much lighting each year, but they do.

    @Lowell: I have no idea what the name origin of the neighbourhood is, but it's definitely not Florida Keys!

    @Luis: thanks!

    @Stuart: dusk can be a magical time of day for lighting conditions.

    @Judy: I thought so.

    @VP: indeed.

  18. You've got a lot of snow, which is so beautiful....but I am glad it is over there... ;)

  19. That's a great photo of those pretty Christmas lights William. I took some but just couldn't quite capture the magic. Still, it's a memory :)

  20. Beautiful...they always look better at night!

  21. William the lights are beautiful and the fencing. As you notice. Blue is the color factor
    in lights this year.

  22. @Tex: I hadn't noticed the fence til now!

    @Pat: I love the snow.

    @Denise: I had another shot of the lights that I wasn't satisfied with.

    @Norma: they do.

    @Carolann: it certainly is here.

  23. Gorgeous! Looooooooove the pink light!

  24. Colored lights make everything look so festive!

  25. Beautiful. There is almost a surreal quality to it.

  26. You really nailed this one. Nicely done!

  27. Very pretty, with different colors for each tree.

  28. @Marleen: it is!

    @Ciel: it worked nicely!

    @Cheryl: they really do.

    @Mari: quite so.

    @RedPat: thanks!

    @Jen: thank you.

    @Red: thanks!

    @Jack: yes, the decorators at this hotel really do well.

    @Jen: very much so.

    @Randy: It's the taking them down afterwards that'll be a bear!

  29. The perfect Christmas photo. Thank you for your comments.

  30. What's better than one pretty tree.. Many pretty trees, nice one William :)

  31. I like this one. Mind you, employees are paid to do this. I slave away for no real purpose!

  32. Nie tęsknię za śniegiem, choć w czasie świąt śnieg tworzy nastrój. Wygląda na to, że w tym roku w czasie świąt śnieg z Ottawy zastąpi mi śnieg zza okna :)

  33. Do not miss the snow, but snow during Christmas time creates mood. It seems that this year at Christmas snow from Ottawa to replace my snow outside the window :)

  34. @Janis: indeed.

    @Peter: you're welcome.

    @Grace: thank you!

    @Krisztina: thanks!

    @Jennifer: for the prettiness.

    @Mariusz: I love the snow.

    @Shelly: I think so too.