Saturday, December 13, 2014


This busker on Sparks Street was in the midst of a juggling act for the audience, who were quite caught up in his antics. Here he was using balls, but the act would progress to involve bowling pins, knives, and even lit torches.


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  2. I see that the streets are successful races there in Ottawa.


  3. They certainly know how to entertain a crowd!

  4. Looks happy happening.
    Have a nice weekend, William.

  5. I envy the skills of these guys: this is another thing I have tried many times, but with not much success...

  6. love those blue pockets!! what fun! have a great weekend. ( :

    1. wow, a sequel ... now that could be interesting ... i wonder where they would pick up on the movie? that could go in all sorts of direction??!! i wonder. ( :

  7. @Whisk: it can seem very dangerous.

    @Tomas: that might come across differently in the original Spanish!

    @Marleen: they certainly do.

    @Orvokki: thank you.

    @VP: I could manage two items, but that's it.

    @Revrunner: definitely.

    @Beth: thanks!

  8. Kinda scary that they juggle with knives and torches!

  9. I'll be juggling today too. Christmas shopping.

  10. He'd probably make a good golfer with that excellent hand-eye coordination!

    Re your comment on Ocala: You have a good eye. That Santa had a real beard. Actually, he was a scraggly-looking character as the beard was scraggly, and his cloak was open showing his regular clothes underneath. :)

  11. I like watching this kind of acts, because I can't even hold two balls in the air ...
    Enjoy your weekend, William.

  12. They make it look so easy....I've tried and it isn't easy.

  13. Jugglers always put on a good show. they seem to come up with unique routines so that they stand out from the others.

  14. What fun! I like to watch Juggling. I have tried and tried---no can do!
    At the school I worked at for 18 years the PE teacher taught the kids juggling and unicycling. They really got very good. They put on shows and everything. This was elementary school. MB

  15. Those jugglers are amazing. Always fun to watch.

  16. HOW do they do it! I know lot's and lot's of practice :)

  17. Tin women, unicyclists, and jugglers! Oh, my!

  18. @EG: the blades must be dull... particularly given what's coming in tomorrow's post.

    @Birdman: should Christmas shopping be only started on the 24th of December at 2 PM?

    @Tex: lots of it too.

    @Lowell: you need to be coordinated for this.

    @Jan: I wouldn't have the skill for it.

    @Judy: it definitely is not.

    @Luis: I'll be photographing them again when the festival returns.

    @Red: they do have a skill for adapting their act over time.

    @Sharon: it certainly was.

    @MB: our PE teachers wouldn't have taught us this!

    @Denise: they've got great interaction with their audiences too.

    @Grace: to say it's lots of practice is an understatement.

    @Cheryl: quite a combination!

  19. My children would have liked the entertainment.

  20. Life has sometimes felt like this but that's just a metaphor. I can't imagine doing it for real, especially with more than a couple of soft balls.

  21. Balls, no problem. Knives, maybe. But fire? No way!!

  22. I hope he got some reward for his effort.

  23. Yeah, those last two would have been my cue to take a step backwards.

  24. @RedPat: it takes great skill.

    @Anna: lots of kids did.

    @Jen: definitely!

    @Kay: I keep thinking I'd cut myself with a knife.

    @Ciel: I've seen the odd busker who does other things with fire!

    @Peter: oh, he was well paid!

    @Norma: yes, it can be quite dangerous!

    @Hilary: what if he happens to throw a torch too far?

  25. I actually took a course that had learn to juggle as a homework assignment. I learned it using little poufy net balls. The purpose of the exercise was to show that learning a new skill is challenging.

  26. Balls? OK, I would try those. But knives and torches? Uh, no, I'll leave those to the professionals.

  27. My actor-son learned to juggle for one of his roles. He also learned to tap dance for Music Man. It's a fun hobby!

  28. I can't juggle more than two oranges, at once.

  29. @Linda: I couldn't do it!

    @Jack: very sensible.

    @Randy: he does!

    @Jennifer: it takes practice!

    @Whisk: I could juggle one!