Saturday, December 27, 2014

We Have Mammoths In Strange Places

My brain is in a med-infused fog, and I didn't prep blogs in advance. So I'll just show a pic from last winter. This family of mammoths are on the grounds of the Museum of Nature. When I first showed this pic, I got a comment from a sister of the woman who put these sculptures together.

No, we don't have that much snow on the ground here. Not yet!

By the way, for City Daily Photo bloggers, the theme for January 1st is Photo Of The Year.


  1. Mammoths looks so lifelike.
    I wish you a lot of snow this winter..:)
    Have a healthier weekend.

  2. Very cool!

    Feel better soon!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  3. At first glance seem natural , without seeing them much.


  4. Whew! For a moment there, I thought they had finally succeeded in resurrecting these old guys. :-)

  5. Take care of yourself, William, hope you feel better quickly. This is awesome! :)

  6. A foggy brain is no fun. I wonder if mammoth brains were foggy.

    Hmmmm, yes but when I checked yesterday, there was no post up on the CDP blog!

  7. They are put together very realistic, it seem they are walking around with the group.

  8. These are mammoth! I wonder if they are Wooly Mammoths. I know nothing of these animals although I remember "they" found the remains of a Wooly Mammoth that was 500 years old in a swamp at Silver Springs. We don't have any snow, either.

    Methinks you need to relax, let the meds work, and publish all your archival photos if they're as good as this one.

  9. Wonderful shot, the mammoths look very realistic in that snowy landscape.
    It's a bad time for being sick or injured, William, take care and get well soon!

  10. It is as if they are real. Do you think they will do a DNA revival of mammoths in our lifetime?

    Thanks for the remind on photo of the year!


  11. Quite strange beasts in a nice scenario...

  12. Oh my, these do look very real.

  13. @Luis: thanks!

    @Orvokki: the artist really did well with them, and they are to scale.

    @Cloudia: the one benefit to all this is that I'm sleeping really well.

    @Tomas: yes, they certainly do have a realistic look.

    @Vanessa: thanks!

    @Revrunner: best that they not!

    @Linda: I find I can write better through the fog than speak.

    @Ciel: I had a look last night, and it's there now.

    @Marianne: the body language of the animals is a good touch.

    @Lowell: I would think the years on that discovery would be off by a few thousand years!

    @Jan: thanks.

    @Janis: it would be best not to tamper with nature in that way.

    @VP: they are strange beasts.

    @Sharon: yes, the work done on them was exquisite.

  14. cute family. :) hope you're doing better soon!

  15. True, they look very real. I can almost hear them!

  16. Hello William, greetings. Lovely photo. Thanks for taking us around your city and showing us some wonderful sights. Happy New Year.

  17. Ahh yes, the classic mammoths frolicking in the snow pic ! Nice. Hope the leg is on the mend.

  18. These would catch your eye if you were driving by. They look realistic and almost like they're moving.

  19. Nice rendition of the creatures! The snow looks nice but glad I wasn't there!

  20. Fantastic! Love this composition.

  21. @Tex: I really have to get into the museum soon. The last time I was in there was Canada Day, and it was way too hectic to photograph.

    @Marleen: I imagine one would want to stay out of their way!

    @Joseph: thank you!

    @Stuart: getting there... the meds help, anyway.

    @Red: they are pretty close to a street!

    @Birdman: oh, yes!

    @Judy: they seem to fit.

    @Cheryl: I'll have to photograph them again in another season.

    @Jose: thank you!

  22. The mammoths look great! Sorry to hear about your leg. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  23. Wow, what a great display! Those mammoths look so real, especially the one on the right. Very vibrant and lively!

  24. I like these guys! They look good in the snow. :)

  25. They do look lifelike, and they do look at home in the s***!

  26. They need snow to set them off nicely. We have none here!

  27. I like this picture! Are the mammmoths still there this year? Hope you are feeling better soon! :^)

  28. Evidence of some of North America's oldest human habitation was found here in Sequim: an arrowhead embedded in the rib of a mammoth that dates back (if memory serves) around 30,000 years. This region apparently was mammoth habitat - bones have been found in a number of spots.

  29. @Jen: getting there!

    @Tamago: they certainly do demand attention.

    @Halcyon: they seem built to last out there.

    @Norma: quite lifelike indeed!

    @RedPat: we've lost a good part of our snow, but it'll be back.

    @Tamera: yes, it's a permanent installation.

    @Kay: archaeology always fascinated me!

  30. What amazing sculptures. Terrific pictures as they look real.

  31. i would have loved to see these beauties alive in the world. now that would be awesome!! ( :

  32. They would be a fun sight to happen upon.

  33. I like the mammoths. Thanks for the reminder on the theme photo.

  34. They look perfect outside the museum William, your perspective here is perfect!

  35. Hope you are feeling un-fogged soon, William!

  36. Great picture with a perfect perspective, William !

  37. Ah, to have seen mammoths in the flesh. From a distance....these are just as good.

  38. I love mammoths, not so long ago they roamed this earth.

  39. @Mari: they certainly do.

    @Beth: of course back thousands of years ago when they were around, humans had all sorts of problems staying alive!

    @Randy: they are.

    @Hilary: their position has shifted from when I took this shot.

    @Linda: you're welcome.

    @Grace: thanks!

  40. @Whisk: that they are.

    @EG: I hate being on meds.

    @Jim: definitely!

    @Jen: they are.

    @Karl: thanks!

    @Pat: they are!

    @Peter: relatively speaking, not long at all.