Friday, December 26, 2014

Sunflower Art In The Depths Of Winter

I had the distinct displeasure of spending my Christmas Eve at the hospital after taking a misstep on a staircase while heading for home, ramming my leg into the edge of a step, and uttering a few choice bad words. Sufficed to say, there'll be some bruises, the leg's stiff and sore, and I'm really not a fan of painkillers. 

Something more cheerful: this mural of a sunflower is painted on a house up the street from my home. I have shown different angles of the art from before, but it's welcome to revisit it again.


  1. Wishing & Intending for you to feel great soon!

    I put all my genius into my life; I put only my talent into my works." - Oscar Wilde

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. So sorry to hear this, William. :( I don't like painkillers either. I hope you heal quickly, I had a couple of falls myself in the last month and was badly bruised as well, and these falls were inside, not even on ice or anything. Take good care of yourself.

  3. Oh No !
    Sorry to hear about the fall but happy to know your sorta' OK.
    Too much winter fun for you to miss.
    Adore the lovely Sunflower.

    I hope you had a better Christmas.

    cheers, gayle
    The Square Dogs

  4. How bad luck when you fell on the stairs. The hospital is not the most nicest place, especially at Christmas time. I wish a speedy recovery. But I know from experience that all the pain will last a long time before you can again walk properly.

  5. I'm sorry that happened to you. They are things that can happen to anyone. Do not worry, because it is a normal thing.
    I hope your recovery soon.


  6. Oh my gosh! ouch! hope it gets better soon - rest up

  7. Words like, "Bah! Humbug!" perhaps? :-) Hope the healing goes well.

  8. That is bad luck with Christmas, hope you will recover soon, Wish you all the best and keep going.

  9. Sorry to hear this, William, I hope you heal quickly.
    Best wishes from South Tyrol !

  10. I'm so sorry you injured your leg. I don't like painkiller, either. I hope you heal quickly.
    The sunflower art is beautiful. Sunflower is one of my favorite flowers. That sure gives me cheerful and colorful feeling :-)

  11. I do hope you are up and dancing real soon. With that snow you definitely need to be out tossing a few snowballs around.

  12. OH NO! I hope you heal quickly, William!

  13. I hope you feel better soon, William. Perhaps the sight of that wonderful blooming sunflower will give you a boost.

  14. So sorry you took a misstep, William. Those always make me feel so klutzy and dumb. Hope you will be literally back on your feet soon.

  15. Not a good thing. Sorry to hear. I hope you feel better soon my friend.

  16. You clearly need a lot of egg nog. Doctor's orders.

  17. that's beautiful. so sorry for your accident! take it easy!

  18. Oh no! I'm sorry, are you going to sue the stairs? Seriously, nothing broken so hopefully your recovery will be speedy.

  19. well, i did leave a comment but i guess google has another plan. : (

    1. just said ... hope you feel better, sorry for the hospital stay. do you celebrate Boxing Day? is that a Canadian thing? ( :

  20. So sorry to hear about your fall. I'm glad there were no broken bones. I'm with you on the painkillers. They usually make me feel worse so I never take them.

  21. Sorry to hear of your badly timed accident. It's good there was no broken bones though.

  22. Sorry for your accident, I hope you will feel better soon...

  23. That's a bummer for Christmas Eve. I hope you recover quickly. As well as being bright and colorful for winter, they used some of the original brick in a very unique way.

  24. @Cloudia: the odd thing is that I've had scrapes as a climber too, but this one came across harder!

    @Linda: yesterday I was sitting near where it happened, and the staircase seemed to be mocking me.

    @Parsnip: I'll be back in fine form in a few days.

    @Orvokki: it's no place to be in at Christmas, for sure.

    @Tomas: plenty of rest, and until then, I'll take public transit instead of my usual walking.

    @Jen: it helps when I'm sitting and can put the leg up. Then I don't really notice it.

    @Revrunner: stronger words than that!

    @Marianne: thanks.

    @Karl: thank you!

    @Tamago: it's quite a contrast to winter weather.

  25. @Mo: I'd have to learn how to dance first!

    @EG: the sooner the better.

    @Jan: it certainly does.

    @Pat: I certainly felt like a klutz!

    @Luis: it's the fogged mind that bothers me, which is a side effect of the meds.

    @Stuart: I'll substitute eggnog for chocolate.

    @Tex: I shall try!

    @Ciel: I'll probably scowl at those stairs every time I'm near them!

    @Beth: yes, Boxing Day is a holiday, though not for retail workers, who'll be waist deep in crowds by now.

    @Sharon: in this case, they're needed.

    @Judy: very badly timed!

    @VP: I hope so!

    @Red: they certainly did.

  26. It's definitely cheerful!
    Hope Santa was good to you this year! I'm sure you deserved it. :)

  27. Oh no!! Just settle back and relax and get well!
    That sunflower is gorgeous.

  28. I hate when that kind of thing happens. At least you weren't seriously injured! Not too merry a Christmas though!

  29. Beautiful sunflower!

    How's the leg today?

  30. Time to slow down for a bit! Love the mural.

  31. Sorry to hear that! Hope you will get well soon.

  32. @Halcyon: Santa didn't much care for my writing his eulogy!

    @Birdman: it's certainly a more cheerful image!

    @Jackie: it's such a well done mural.

    @Lowell: I've had worse, at least there's that... broken ribs were far more bothersome.

    @Norma: stiff and sore, but I slept well. I expect that's one benefit of the meds.

    @RedPat: thanks!

    @Marleen: in a few days I should be back in fighting form. For now, I'm pausing in mid sentence trying to think of what to say when speaking to others.

  33. best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  34. Yes, the trick is ice and elevation. I'm so sorry to hear that happened...and part of the annoyance must surely be the indignation of a dumb misstep. At least that would be my reaction. I hope you can quickly leave the pain killers behind.
    That said, beautiful sunflower! It would be nice to have something this nice near home.

  35. I love that brick art William. Wouldn't mind painting that on our wall if we had one.

  36. Oh my , I hope your feeling better soon that sucks ! Rest up my friend and try to have a good weekend !

  37. Ouch, I am not a fan of painkillers either. I use Arnica cream and that works wonders.

  38. So sorry about your misfortune. The flower painting is soothing for us. I hope it gives you a bit of calm, too.

  39. Beautiful image! Sorry to hear that you suffered an injury.

  40. Ouch that sounds mega painful William, thankgoodness you didn't break it. Love the happy sunflower mural :)

  41. The sunflower certainly does offer some cheer and you certainly need it after your mishap! Glad it wasn't worse!

  42. How terrible. I had another friend who took hubby to the ER. His was back issues.
    I home you heal quickly! The older we get, you know... :-)

  43. I had to read back to see what happened. Poor you. Not a fun way to spend the holidays. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  44. Oh my good golly. I'm sorry to read this, as I'm just catching up now. Good gosh, hope you're feeling better.

  45. Ouch, get well soon. I imagine it is very easy to do. Have some brandy egg nog for me.

  46. @Filonico: strangely it fits my pattern of hating Christmas.

    @Kay: it is pretty. It's been quite awhile since I've seen it, as I moved out of that neighbourhood.

    @Denise: I was quite used to seeing it.

    @Country Gal: the odd time I have an accident, the healing process at least goes smoothly.

    @Andy: me too.

    @Randy: they make my head feel clouded.

    @Jack: it does.

    @Linda: I agree.

  47. @Grace: I love it too.

    @Cheryl: I've had worse injuries.

    @Jennifer: time heals most wounds.

    @Luiz: so do I.

    @Hilary: as it is I dislike Christmas anyway.

    @Whisk: I did eventually.

    @Peter: and oddly I don't go for eggnog.