Friday, January 30, 2015

One Does Not Simply Have Only One Beavertail

Questions were asked the other day about what Beavertails are. I thought I'd repost two shots in explanation. Beavertails are an Ottawa based institution that's been around for years; it has a permanent place in the Byward Market and puts special huts in locations for various festivals and special days through the year. This one is on the Canal, with the Ottawa Convention Centre in the background.

They're pastry treats, fried dough in the shape of a beaver tail, with an assortment of toppings. This one is cinnamon and sugar. And yes, they are delicious.

During the last two presidential inaugurations, the company owners have gone down to DC and had these on hand at the Canadian embassy during the parade. That's something for readers in the vicinity to keep in mind the next time out. And for those of you across the country, check this link for other locations where Beavertails turn up from time to time.


  1. What a gimmicky way to tantalise the taste buds. I like the little expressive faces in the advertisements either side of the windows.

    1. You have a sharp eye. I didn't see the little faces.

  2. To sell must be good sites.


  3. I am now craving a Beaver Tail... thanks alot! ;-)

  4. Indeed, they look like beaver tails. What are some of the unique toppings?


  5. I'm with Hal .. Want one :) Pastry,cinnamon and sugar sounds like a good combination right now, or any time really :)

  6. If they taste as well as they look, it must be a nice treat, I think.

  7. Yumm! unfortunately no Beaver-Tails here in Australia William but they sure look tasty.

  8. Glad to know I can get them in DC.

  9. Glad to know I can get them in DC.

  10. I am sure they are delicious, even more at this time of the day!

  11. Oh yes, they are delicious. :)

  12. @Gemma: they do go over well with the crowd.

    @Whisk: thanks!

    @Tomas: they are.

    @Halcyon: you're welcome!

    @Janis: aside from this one, there's another with cinnamon and sugar added with lemon juice, one involving chocolate and vanilla, another with chocolate and banana, one called the avalanch, and at least a couple others.

    @Grace: fortunately for me they're close by!

    @Jan: oh they are.

    @Dianne: it's very much a Canadian thing.

    @EG: they are delicious!

    @Luis: around the next inauguration, I'll put up a note, assuming the company's doing it again.

    @Revrunner: definitely!

    @VP: they're really good for winter.

    @Deb: absolutely.

    @Hilary: it is!

  13. they look decadent and delicious!


  14. Scuba diving dry suits used to have beaver tails the flap that gets attached under and between your legs kind of swimming with your tail between your legs hah hah ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  15. I'm surprised there isn't a poutine topping!
    Jane x

  16. Too bad we don't have Beaver Tails here. They look delicious. Of course, I like all the donut family.

  17. Well, beaver tails sound doggone tasty!

  18. @Tex: they are!

    @Country Gal: I did not know that!

    @Jane and Chris: it wouldn't surprise me. I know there's been one in the past with garlic and cheese- I'm not sure if that's still on the menu- so poutine would make sense.

    @Sharon: it is!

    @Norma: very much so!

    @Judy: I'll be getting at least one on the weekend.

    @Red: I don't think there's much expansion beyond the National Capital.

    @Janet: they really are!

    @Mumbaiiteanu: definitely!

  19. Beaver tail-shaped pastry! That is so cute :-) And sounds super yummy!

  20. There was a tall ships festival in Midland a few years ago and a Beaver Tails truck parked downtown on the Thursday evening and the line ups for them began immediately. The festival didn't technically start until the Friday, but people heard about the Beaver Tails truck and headed down to get one. A friend of mine was within walking distance and she got one each day they were there (Thurs-Sun). I would say they were almost more popular than the tall ships! :)

  21. This is totally new to me. They seem tasty to me!

  22. I've never had one! They look slightly lethal but tasty. ;-))

  23. Slightly lethal is a bit of an understatement! I remember these from one of your posts last year and I'd love to try one!

  24. if ever in the area i would think i need to try one out. looks delicious. & i love bakery items ... but who doesn't right??! ( :

  25. Trappers get a good name at this place, I bet.

  26. My mouth is watering. I've only had one in my life and I think it was at Magnetic Hill in Moncton. There is an outlet in Fredericton at an ice cream parlour/Quizno's too but I've never had one there.

  27. @Tamago: very yummy indeed!

    @Jen: it makes sense- the website does mention that they turn up at festivals as well, so that would be a good one to make use of.

    @Marleen: they're scrumptious!

    @RedPat: well, there's at least one in your city at the Toronto Zoo!

    @Ciel: they are to die for.

    @Beth: to borrow a phrase, if you're tired of bakery goods, you're tired of life.

    @Birdman: hah!

    @Pamela: Magnetic Hill would be a good spot for it. I've been there once- when I was a kid I had a very different idea in my head what it had to look like.

  28. Looks like a heart attack in a wrapper. But I'll bet it's good. But Japan? South Korea? Not Florida! Boy, that is tough to take! I guess I'll have to go to Canada to get one of the darn things!

  29. Ok this looks really good to me, we need one in London!

  30. Oh yum... I haven't seen one of these in ages.

  31. William, you can have mine. You are welcome.

  32. That looks like something worth trying.

  33. Oh my, they look scrumptious! The Canadian Embassy you say? I know exactly there that is!!!

  34. This is my introduction to beaver tails. I get a sugar rush just looking at it.

  35. This looks like what I've seen called elephant ears around here and what Native Americans call fry bread.

  36. oh my we are bombarded where I live with live Beavers. I must pass that along word by word to the cooks in my home town.

    It may boost the customers instead of the fish. Thank. Looks delicious.

  37. I've never heard of them, but I would like to be eating the one in the photo, right now!

  38. @Lowell: they're really good!

    @Geoff: they taste delicious.

    @Hilary: I had one recently.

    @Jack: ah, but they're so good!

    @Randy: definitely!

    @Denise: they are!

    @ODP: a sugar rush is a good thing.

    @Kay: yes, I've heard that before.

    @Carolann: not that kind of beaver!

    @Pat: I enjoy them each time I get one.