Thursday, January 8, 2015

It Is Mightier Than The Sword

Bruce MacKinnon, Halifax Chronicle-Herald
Paresh Nath, The Khaleej Times
Patrick Chappatte, International New York Times

Rainer Hachfeld, Neues Deutchland


  1. When I got here to your comment forum I saw "No Comment."

    That seemed VERY apt for the topic. Speechless. But I do see the vast majority of good people coalescing around positive evolutions. . . .

    ALOHA from Honolulu, my friend

  2. Looking at that first picture, I see an American standard # 2 pencil, probably by Sanford. I know it does not matter, it's just an observation on a subject that defies words.

  3. It's been inspirational to see the cartoonists response to this tragedy William, long live the power of the pen(cil)..

  4. The cartoons are the best weapon, incredible it can make people so mad and cruel.

  5. The event happened is sad and unfortunate. Freedom comes first in life.


  6. A pretty sad commentary on out 'cartooning' times.

  7. It is madness, this hatred in the name of some god! Thanks for sharing these cartoons and for this post. Je suis Charlie!

  8. @Cloudia: I was wondering how to address the topic today, and this seemed fitting.

    @Merisi: Bruce Mackinnon has a gift for finding the right way to deal with a tragedy.

    @Revrunner: many are saying that today.

    @Grace: I've seen a lot of editorial cartoonist work on this yesterday, and there'll be much more of that to come.

    @Marianne: I don't understand how anyone can react in that way to this form of expression, but such men as those who did this are at heart cowards to begin with, driven by madness and hatred.

    @Tomas: it certainly does.

    @Birdman: it is that.

    @Lowell: Madness indeed.

  9. People in the free world who value both human life and freedom of the press stand in solidarity with the people of France.

  10. A fitting tribute William. Vive La France!

  11. It's a sad world today! I'm glad you printed all of these.

  12. Shocking! Some people just don't get it.

  13. An important and strong posting!
    Thank you!

  14. To me the issue is that to stop this sort of attack happening, we have to understand WHY people do it. Why? Why? Why?

  15. Sorry to disagree: if history can teach us something is that freedom is not conquered or defended with... pencils!

  16. I agree with Julie that we need to understand what lies beneath all this hate.

  17. @Kate: very fitting remarks. Yesterday I kept thinking back to the Sydney hostage taking of just a few weeks ago, and the Ottawa incident here.

    @Denise: Vive La France, et Vive La Liberte.

    @Sharon: it is a very sad day today.

    @Red: and there's little point in trying to reason with them.

    @Tex: definitely.

    @Gunn: you're welcome.

    @Julie: too many politicians and pundits will say that trying to understand the underlying reasons is pointless, but it's not. You're right.

    @VP: I do find at times like this they are the most eloquent reinforcers of our values. A monstrous person like, oh... Dick Cheney would think differently, of course.

    @EG: we really do.

    1. Indeed William, Vive La France, Vive La Liberte.

  18. Such tragedy in our world. Thank you for posting these.

  19. Some things just don't make any sense! What are we missing?

  20. There is no reason why just wicked ,nasty , viscous humans live upon us and make others suffer for it ! !

  21. Oh and in the future the new generation wont know what a pencil to paper is let alone be able to use them as this electronic age takes over!

  22. Fine tribute to the insanity of recent events. Is this the sign of what being human and embracing progress is all about? I wanna be a hermit methinks...It's becoming more and more appealing...

  23. You've chosen an impressive way to show you stand for the freedom of speech. I really appreciate this post!

  24. @Pamela: you're welcome.

    @Red: in the case of the people who did this, they're missing the capacity for empathy.

    @Cheryl: something like this happens, particularly given that it hit close to home after what happened here in October, it makes me feel angry.

    @RedPat: they are.

    @Country Gal: that's true... pencils seem to be less and less out there.

    @Gemma: when you have some people in this world who'd love nothing more than to drag all of us back to the Dark Ages, I don't think such people can be reasoned with or negotiated with.

    @Jan: thank you.

    @Ciel: you're most welcome.

  25. Thank you, William. Fitting cartoons.
    Without humor we are, indeed, dead...or civilized.

  26. Yes, thank you William. I have been so upset about this, I can't bear to watch the news anymore.

  27. A fine collection to memorialize those killed in Paris.

  28. Great post, William. Vive la France!

  29. @Kay: thank you.

    @Lois: there comes a point when it's healthier to stop watching the news.

    @Jennifer: I certainly thought so.

    @Jack: it seemed appropriate.

    @Tamera: thank you.

  30. Very thought provoking post William. It is a sad state of affairs when a bit of satire can cause your death. We are living in a scary world right now and it makes me very sad, and very pissed, all at the same time. I know what I'd do about it, but that's a whole different post!

  31. The attack on Charlie Hebdo was very sad indeed but it will nit silence the freedon of expression. And, in fact, may strengthen it at the sad expense of so many lives lost. These terrorists world-wide who profess to murder, slaughter and perform other atrocious acts in the name of their "god" are barbarians and cowards hiding behind masks and weapons because they do not have the courage otherwise.

  32. How on earth can we navigate such a complicated landscape?

  33. Thanks for these illustrated responses. Any idea what the smoke from the AK47 spells out?

  34. @Luis: thank you.

    @Pat: quite true.

    @Beatrice: I agree.

    @Janis: it is quite a dilemma.

    @ODP: it looks like Arabic script.

    @Shelly: I agree.