Thursday, January 29, 2015

Orthodoxy Inside The Museum

This  unpublished shot from my archives is also from the Museum of History. The Orthodox sanctuary that resides in Canada Hall can also be glimpsed from the side windows. For the original post, click here. Canada Hall is presently closed up (there are other exhibits available inside the place, while the Museum is reorganizing and reconfiguring, all thanks to a government mandated decree- from a government that swore it would be hands off with museums- that the museum follow its orders). The Hall will be reopened in 2017, it seems, but the sanctuary, one assumes, will continue to be part of the Hall. Whether or not the reconfiguration of Canada Hall adheres to the narrow minded view of the Prime Minister, well, that depends on the results of a federal election this year (want to guess what party I'm not voting for?).

This view of the front of the sanctuary is as close as you can get to it; from the entrance, the sanctuary is roped off.

This reminder for City Daily Photo Bloggers on the theme day for February. You must answer this question: If you had to leave forever the city from which you usually post, what would you miss most?


  1. Congratulations on your blogging milestone, friend. And thanks for being an active, thoughtful citizen. Enjoyable post.

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. I like how you're teaching us Ottawa.


  3. Seems like the opening of the hall is a low priority on the government's agenda...if on the agenda at all. But meanwhile it must flex some muscles to appear taking control. Isn't politics wonderful.

  4. Who keeps electing these guys into office? That's what I'd like to know. :-)

  5. Looks like an intriguing place. So much wonderful architecture in Ottawa!

  6. Are there many Orthodox Christians in Ottawa? Greek orthodox, Russian.....?


  7. Very soecial such an orthodox sanctuary.

  8. Sure will be a place to visit in 2017. Put it on the calendar.

  9. @Cloudia: thank you!

    @Tomas: it's a pleasure to do so.

    @Gemma: the fear is that the Hall will reflect their narrow views, their disregard for the broad sweep of history and emphasize only things that they want.

    @Revrunner: if we let them back in, it's on us. That party needs a couple of decades in the political wilderness to purge itself of the rot inside it.

    @Mike: I look forward to seeing it again.

    @Janis: off the top of my head, I can think of three Orthodox churches, and I'm sure there are more. This one was imported from the Prairies.

    @Marianne: it definitely wouldn't pass for Presbyterian.

    @Birdman: it'll be a big year for us.

  10. That seems like a long time to be closed. I hope they aren't reconfiguring history too.

  11. You also have to convince all you friends and their friends to not vote for the party you're not voting for. We've all got to get to work in the next election.

  12. Careful, William! Our government may be monitoring this post. :)))

  13. your little tangled rants make me smile. :)

  14. At least you have a government, we are not even sure of this...

  15. It might just be a glimpse William but I see arches and that's good enough for me :) Is voti g compulsory in Canada,it is here in Oz and a good thing too. Hopefully enough people will see sense..I do enjoy your rants though :)

  16. @Sharon: one of the earliest changes I noticed in Canada Hall was the closure of a room that reproduced a labour union hall. Given the Prime Minister's loathing of unions, I can't say it was a surprise, and it feels like that's going to be the norm for what's to come.

    @Red: we certainly do.

    @EG: in which case I shall have to tell them they can bite me.

    @Tex: I must admit, I like inserting that sort of thing into my posts.

    @VP: I can see that being problematic.

    @Grace: it's not compulsory, and there are arguments for and against making it so.

  17. I've figured out by now what party you are not voting for. Haha.

  18. The colors are pretty. Too bad it's closed off. :(

  19. It looks like a gem. I hope the museum doesn't suffer "death by committee."

  20. You might enjoy this.

  21. @Tamago: let's see, I'm not in Quebec, so I can't vote Bloc Quebecois, assuming they're still going to run anyone next time out....

    @Halcyon: it feels like it's going to be a long, long while.

    @RedPat: he never really stops being in campaign mode.

    @Ciel: I'll enjoy seeing it again down the line.

    @Kay: I hope not, but with this pack of troglodytes still in charge, there's plenty more damage they can do.

    @Jackie: thanks for the link!

  22. i do enjoy the light glow or what would call that? neat either way. ( :

  23. It is my understanding that in Orthodox churches, the sanctuary is always off-limits except to the priests. I could be wrong though. That's happened once or twice in my life. :)

    Methinks you don't much like the PM. He sounds like a cross between George W. Bushki and Sarah Palin.

    Re your comment about Tesla: I read somewhere that he had an electric personality. Or was that eclectic? I dunno. Have a great evening!

  24. It's a pretty picture! I'm thinking the same thing as Lowell regarding your feelings toward the PM. A cross between Bush and Palin would be my worst nightmare!

  25. I hope our fellow Canadians make a better choice this year. Canada deserves better!

  26. One of my dear friends. She is Greek and she attends a church as this in Canada.

    I went once at Christmas with her but could not understand a work her overseer preached. I guess it would of been nice if she warned me. So I sat and looked around inside.

  27. @Beth: so do I.

    @Lowell: that is the case.

    @Lois: I definitely disliked our previous PM.

    @Jen: as it turns out we did.

    @Jennifer: unfortunately.

    @Carolann: Orthodox churches do tend to be beautiful.