Monday, January 26, 2015

The Evening Skate

This is taken downtown from the Mackenzie King Bridge looking over the Rideau Canal filled with skaters.

This reminder for City Daily Photo Bloggers on the theme day for February. You must answer this question: If you had to leave forever the city from which you usually post, what would you miss most?


  1. This is an awesome scene, William !

  2. Looks like a fun time. A lot of people there without skates. You would have to count me in with that group.

  3. Of course Ottawa is beautiful, is full of skaters and cheerful people.


  4. What a lovely picture, so full of mood, smashing..

  5. Like a skating highway with no traffic rules. An amazing sight.

  6. Except for the modern buildings, this could be a scene from out of the Old Country.

  7. That looks really lovely, an ice party.

  8. A modern-day Breughel scene!
    Such a lovely way to ease into the evening.

  9. P.S.:
    Pieter Bruegel the Elder's 1565 painting is called "Winter Landscape with a Bird trap"

  10. Wow what a scene! It looks so wonderfully wintery and fun!

  11. What a great scenery with many people enjoying skating.
    The lights and snow are looking beautiful!

  12. I agree with the previous comments that this is a lovely scene, William. I especially liked that you shot from a higher vantage point.

  13. There are lots of people out there enjoying themselves.

  14. @Linda: thanks!

    @Karl: thank you.

    @Andy: me as well.

    @Tomas: there's no shortage of skaters, particularly on the weekend.

    @Geoff: thank you!

    @Gemma: well, you figure the rules out as you go along!

    @Revrunner: it could be!

    @Marianne: that's pretty much as it is!

    @Merisi: I can see the similarities between the painting and this.

    @Hilary: thanks!

    @Aimee: one can never have too much winter.

    @Tamago: thank you!

    @Beatrice: with the Canal I often favour taking shots from a bridge.

    @Luis: thanks!

    @Deb: thank you.

    @Sharon: there were.

    @Norma: thanks!

  15. That looks like such fun! Now where DID I put those cat-sized skates of mine.... MOUSES!


  16. Look at all those folks having fun on the ice! ls that a cafe of sorts I see over on the left? Sometimes it seems the more people the more fun. Other times, not so much! Cool shot, William!

  17. Looks like a popular place to be in the evening.

  18. WOW! I love seeing all those people out enjoying the canal!

  19. I like to see the crowd scenes on the Rideau, but I would rather skate by myself.

  20. Now, that's quite a sight. Where are my skates?

  21. Je voudrais être un de ces patineurs ...

  22. @Tex: you know, come to think of it, I could have used this shot for the theme day.

    @Mo: no shortage of people, for sure!

    @Nerissa: hello and welcome!

    @Lowell: yes, they have some of these places along the ice for treats, particularly hot chocolate or Beavertails.

    @Judy: definitely so on the weekend.

    @EG: you can get quite a crowd.

    @Red: it's busiest on the weekends. Quieter on the weekdays.

    @Birdman: that appears to be a common reaction.

    @Anna: it seems many people wouldn't mind a skate there.

  23. Gorgeous, wonderfull shot, nice landscap

  24. That's beautiful! What a lovely scene. What would I miss? I would miss my friends the most.

  25. What a great scene! It's good to see so many people outside and enjoying winter.

  26. Oh well that looks more like a traffic jam!

  27. @Stuart: thank you!

    @Louisette: thanks!

    @Retriever: thank you.

    @VP: thanks!

    @Denise: I've got one of two ideas for the theme- which one I go with depends on if I can get up to the other spot or not.

    @Marleen: thanks!

    @Jen: it must be!

    @Kay: they love it up here.

    @Ciel: fortunately it's a wide road!

  28. It looks like so much fun. Are there any organized activities (like races)?


  29. Wow! That's an amazing scene! So nice to see so many people out :)

  30. @RedPat: it brings out the people!

    @Pamela: thanks!

    @Janis: during Winterlude there are a couple of activities involving races: one is a winter triathlon that involves the Canal, and the other is a bed race.

    @Beth: not one bit!

    @Meradeth: it really draws so much attention.

    @Whisk: you should see the crowds on Canada Day! That's too many people!

  31. have you been skating? It looks lovely. My son=in-law took his daughter skating at their local spot. Much fun!

  32. This looks like so much fun. We're relegated to indoor ice rinks.

  33. This canal is a wonderful amenity for Ottawa. Seeing all of those people out on the ice brings back memories of my youth, when life was simpler.

  34. @Lois: that it is.

    @Jennifer: I've never learned.

    @Randy: lots of people do it.

    @ODP: we have plenty of those too.

    @Jack: this is a marvelous part of our city.