Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Nativity Job

Perhaps it's a bit late to be posting Christmas shots, but well, why not? Between Christmas and New Years we had a warm up spell that resulted in quite a bit of the snowpack vanishing on us. Hence the grass you see around this Nativity. This is set at St. Patrick's Basilica, the Catholic church I showed you a few days ago. I also happened to catch the reflection of a Mini Cooper in the glass.

There was no sign of Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, or Jason Statham around, though.

For City Daily Photo bloggers, this note about February:

City Daily Photo bloggers post photographs on a theme on the first day of each month. On
February 1, they will address this intriguing question: If you had to leave forever the city
from which you usually post, what would you miss most?  


  1. Green grass and white snow are a nice combination.
    Thanks for the CDP theme.

  2. It seems to be something forgotten ...


  3. Snow comes and goes as the Christmas items do.

  4. Or maybe it's a bit early William depending how you look at it :) That's a tricky theme for Feb :)

  5. So Mary and Joseph took a Mini Cooper? :-)

  6. Whatever the season, whatever the reason, the old mythologies live on!

  7. @Dina: you're welcome.

    @Tomas: so it seems.

    @Marianne: quite true.

    @Grace: I think I've got mine in mind. It's just a matter of taking shots.

    @Revrunner: somehow I don't think Pat Robertson would approve of such a thing. "Buy American, and send your money to the 700 Club!"

    @Hilary: or too early!

    @Lowell: I figured why wait til December.

  8. oh, too cute on the mini and the movie reference! :)

  9. Thanks for the reminder. I have lights in the windows that I must retrieve this morning. Hey, even the wise men have come and gone!

  10. A Nativity with a (reflected) Mini Cooper is something new!

  11. It makes an interesting juxtaposition.

  12. I might not have noticed the Mini Cooper if you hadn't mentioned it. It looks like it could be parked behind them.

  13. I like the reflection especially because it is a red mini--as if holiday color coordinated....

  14. @Tex: I couldn't resist. And as much as I like the Mini, I don't think all six feet of me would fit!

    @Birdman: yes, they scattered after dropping off those rather expensive gifts.

    @VP: it was just a matter of good timing!

    @Sharon: I certainly think so.

    @Judy: yes, it does.

    @Eve: quite a lot of Minis tend to have that colour, at least here.

  15. Well if the Nativity scene is still out there, Why not take a photo?

  16. Somehow the Mini doesn't seem out place in this picture.. Interesting.

  17. No problem posting Christmas shot. My neighbor still has Christmas decoration out in their yard :-) Love the reflection of Mini Cooper!

  18. I'm not surprised to see the Nativity scene still out there. Lots of Christmas decorations are still up around here. It has been to cold to take them down, I guess.

  19. I've noticed a few Nativity scenes around at some churches.
    I read in the Globe today that the Colville show is going to Ottawa to the NGC until September - it's not to be missed.

  20. Interesting that the nativity is displayed in a cabinet. Many such scenes are big and out in the open...prey to theft or vandalism.
    I like Revrunner's comment.

  21. @Red: it certainly seemed worthwhile to do so.

    @Marleen: it certainly doesn't!

    @Tamago: some houses in my neighbourhood still have the lights up.

    @Anna: definitely, but I'm pleased it came out.

    @EG: it most likely has.

    @RedPat: I will have to see that one.

    @Kay: it's also a matter of weather here. Sheltering them like this keeps them protected from the elements.

  22. The Nativity...and a Mini-Cooper???

  23. wow, that is too funny. it is only January so I think you are fine to post it. share it. it is your blog after all.

    I saw your question at the bottom of the post - I can not imagine narrowing it down to just 1 items to miss. I love where i live. Virginia is such a great state. I did notice on my news watching last evening that you are not as far as I originally thought from the states. I thought Ottawa was more North & West. like over Washington State and all. I don't have the best sense of direction, learned that from my Mom ...but it is fun to see where things lay and so forth. neat-o. have a nice weekend!!! ( :

  24. Thanks for the Theme Day info William. I didn't know!

    It's nice to see this scene and it's a lovely one. I wish we could be in December!

  25. Yeah, the season is gone, alas, and I'm not ready to anticipate next Christmas. Nice shot though!

  26. Beautiful. I love large nativity scenes. Large ones like that are wonderful.

  27. @Norma: a strange combination!

    @Beth: I have an idea for it, but the problem might be public access- the site's closed up in the winter.

    @Ciel: it would be nice to be a month back right about now!

    @Cheryl: thank you!

    @Mari: this one's a large one. Though for some reason the infant Jesus looks two years old.

  28. Christians are probably happy to see a creche at any time of the year.

  29. I'd miss being smack dab between the Shenandoah Mountains and Washington DC., and being so close to the airport. I love being only half an hour way. It has made a long journey easier for that last part of the trip from airport to home, and also for any guests that flew in. I'd miss the trees that overshadow our back deck where I have watched all the birds and squirrels, so entertaining. I'd miss the occasional visit from the raccoon and the rare one from the red fox. I think I have a lot more but I'll stop right there. I like seeing a creche at Christmastime. I am a traditionalist I guess you could say.

    1. We had a simpler nativity scene at home when I was growing up.