Friday, March 19, 2021


 Today we move on to the works of two other artists and a different subject: family.

Artist Chantal Dahan immigrated to Canada from France with her family when she was growing up. She's created portraits in multimedia with family members as her subject since then. This is the artist's sister in a photograph titled 1968 Sunset Drive, The Promised Land.

Photographs of the family's arrival in Canada are collected together in a display titled Paris-Ottawa 1968.

Another family portrait in a different way: her sister in a looping video on three screens embedded in a couch. This is The Sunlight Zone

More of a traditional style of portrait is found in the next space. Six portraits feature five different people by the Canadian landscape and portrait artist Robert S. Hyndman. All of these are his family, painted at various points. At left is his daughter Margot, with his wife Joan next, and their daughter Brydie in third. Following is his father, Justice James Duncan Hyndman, his mother Ethel, and a portrait of his daughters when they were girls.


  1. Maybe that should be the Canadian flag as the new Promised Land ? California is no longer the promise land.
    It is land of broken dreams and way to many people.
    Hey... we had a day of snow here ! I put some photos up on my blog ! How many times have I told you Canadian to remember to close your doors durning winter !

  2. Interesting way of portraying their family members. There are still people migrating to another country in search of a promised or better land.

  3. I was wondering about the American Flag, too...

  4. Very nice portraits, and creatief too ...
    I was wondering why the American flag?

  5. Hello,
    Interesting art exhibit, sharing the family's portraits and story. Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  6. This feels like such an intimate exhibit. The couch is unusual - and I love the portraits

  7. Isn't it a little strange to present the USA as the promised land after immigrating to Canada?
    I like the idea of the looping video on three screens embedded in that couch.

  8. ...I remember when the US was the promised land!

  9. That is an interesting idea for an exhibit.

  10. Those Chantal Dahan portraits are fascinating. So creative.

  11. @Parsnip: good to hear from you.

    @Nancy: quite true.

    @Iris: it's different.

    @Ella: an artist's ironic statement?

    @Italiafinlandia: they can be.

    @Eileen: thank you.

    @Susie: I do too.

    @Jan: it was a good idea.

    @David: definitely.

    @Tom: it can be again, with Trumplethinskin gone.

    @Magiceye: thank you.

    @RedPat: it is indeed.

    @Sharon: very much so.

  12. Unique display ~ neat photos ^_^

    Living moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  13. Thank goodness hairstyles have changed since '68.

  14. A wonderful exhibition. I like the couch setup, very creative.

  15. The idea with the couch is quite original.

  16. I like how they put screens in a couch.

  17. @Carol: thanks!

    @Revrunner: indeed.

    @Bill: thanks!

    @Marie: it is.

    @Marleen: me too.

  18. Interesting subject William, I'm wondering what my family would say if I came up with this idea 😉

  19. This is a wonderful subject for an exhibition.

  20. Interesting to see the different ways of portraying pictures of their family members.

    All the best Jan