Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Walking Along The Rideau Canal

One day early in February as Winterlude was getting underway, I decided to walk the length of the Rideau Canal Skateway. With most of the Winterlude activities cancelled because of Covid, the skateway remained open, opening late in January for the full length of 7.8 kilometres from Plaza Bridge to the Hartwell Locks at Carleton University. The skateway holds a record for the largest naturally frozen ice rink in the world, with an area equal to 90 Olympic rinks. 

Here I took my first shot. It was only later when I was at the far end when I realized I should have taken a photo of the first marker down there at Plaza Bridge. Every 200 metres there are these markers. At this place, Parliament Hill can be seen, along with the government Conference Centre and spires of the Chateau Laurier as well. 

Turning to the left, I photographed the National Arts Centre.

Turning back to where I'd be walking, this first view of the Mackenzie King Bridge shows the way.

Frequently along the way is signage about the skateway.

And here's the Ottawa Convention Centre.

I started on my way, heading towards the Laurier Avenue Bridge.

I looked back the way I came.

Here is the underside of the Laurier Avenue Bridge with its distinctive arches and spiral stairs on the east side. We'll be continuing this walk for the next few days.


  1. The Convention Centre looks great.
    Oh, my, skating. Sooo long ago. I´d be afraid to fall these days...

  2. Looks cold. I wonder what it is like to walk on snow or on ice.

  3. Walking on the water ... it's a miracle!
    Let's better to swim!

  4. Hello,

    A nice walk, maybe a little cold. I like the views of the canal and sakters. Take care, enjoy your day!

  5. @Iris: many partake.

    @Nancy: surprisingly easy to walk on.

    @Italiafinlandia: you're welcome.

    @Stefan: that it is.

    @Ella: it's an experience.

    @Eileen: thank you.

    @Jan: you'll enjoy the next few days.

  6. I have never skated on the Rideau Canal, but for my daughter, husband and kids, they do it at least once during the winter.

  7. I'm glad that you did it at least once. It seemed like a short season.

  8. amazing feature of Ottawow.

  9. Not many people were out that day.

  10. Amazing, I would like to skate the whole 7.8 kilometers.

  11. That's a long canal -- and long skate way.

  12. @David: being on the Canal in winter is quite an experience.

    @Anvilcloud: at just under a month, it was.

    @Tom: that it is.

    @RedPat: it tends to be busiest on the weekends.

    @Karl: many do.

    @Jeanie: the full Canal system is more than 200 kilometres.

  13. That must have been a long walk and great winter exercise.

  14. An interesting walk to follow the river under the bridges.

  15. Great walk, the bridge is a beautiful one from all angles. I really admire how you take pictures from the same spots at all seasons, documenting the seasonal and yearly changes. I’d love to visit it in person (but for this time of year, quite content to admire it through your great pictures.)

  16. Lots of good stuff along the Rideau

  17. It looks so cold! I never got to learn to ice skate, but I've always loved watching skaters. What a beautiful place to skate.

  18. Interesting perspective from ice level.

  19. That looks very cold, I hope you had lots of warm clothes on.

  20. Brrr looks cold, but a nice walk.

    All the best Jan

  21. Love the little pops of colour here and there on these winter images. The underside of the bridge is quite a sight 💜

  22. This skate way is a treasure. Do you skate it, or walk?

  23. You have captured the beautiful winter views of your walk beautifully!

  24. @Sharon: as I was heading towards the end I was wondering what I'd been thinking when I started.

    @Fun60: it is quite a journey.

    @Sallie: this canal is a wonder in winter.

    @Revrunner: definitely.

    @Red: there certainly is.

    @Susie: lots of people do.

    @Marie: that it is.

    @Bill: it was long.

    @Amy: I do dress in layers for the winter weather.

    @Jan: it was invigorating.

    @Happyone: very much so.

    @Grace: that it is.

    @Joanne: walk. I don't know how to skate.

    @Magiceye: thank you!

  25. Hi William,
    My brother lives in Ottawa, so I've been walking along here, but not the full length of it. That year, I recall parts of the ice were not completely frozen so they roped it off . It really is picturesque. xox

  26. Wonderful canal and bridge photos ~ looks like an idyllic place to photograph ~

    Living moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  27. Wonderful photos
    It must be nice to have such an open space to skate in the winter.

  28. How wonderful to have such a great stretch of canal to skate along:)