Monday, November 8, 2021

The Meeting Of A River And A Canal

To start, a look back upstream at where I came from: the Portage Bridge is at centre in this shot, with Victoria Island at left. Gatineau's shoreline is at right, with the imposing bulk of the Portage government complex standing there.

Back on my way with a look at one of the trees here. Note the Museum of History is on the far shore.

I proceeded on. Nepean Point is at the east end of a wide portion of the river where the Rideau Canal descends to meet it. The Point is having landscaping work done at its top, expected to be done next year.

Two shots taken closer to the mouth of the Canal. A pier down below offers access to the river boats that go back and forth along the river for tourists. I included two people in the second shot.

A view across the first of the locks that ascend away from the river here. The Canal has had its water levels lowered for the winter and the locks are empty. Note the Celtic cross at the far side. It is a monument to workers who died during the building of the Canal from 1826-32. Major's Hill Park, my final destination of this walk, is on the top of the ridge.

On the opposite side of the Canal I photographed the view looking up, with the Chateau Laurier on my side and the Bytown Museum on the other.

My path to the park took me this way.

The outline of this tree, most of its leaves already gone for the year, made an appealing shot against the river.

I noticed a chipmunk along the path. I took two shots, the first with zoom.

The second, at regular, still has him in the shot, sitting right at centre. Can you see him? Moments later he darted into the trees. A busy time of year for them, as soon they'll be hidden away all winter long.


  1. Gorgeous photos! Love the color.

  2. Beautiful view of the river and canal. So nice to catch the chipmunk in action.

  3. You had an entertaining walk, in that gorgeous landscape!

  4. Thanks for the nice walk. This was the first time I've seen a chipmunk.

  5. Beautiful views of the river and canal. I found the chipmunk!
    Have a great new week!

  6. Ottawa is surely one of the most attractive capitals in the world. And it is fairly compact too.

  7. ...water has a big impact on Ottawa.

  8. @Linda: thank you.

    @Nancy: I like munks.

    @Italiafinlandia: I did.

    @Jan: you're welcome.

    @Marianne: thank you.

    @Eileen: cute, huh?

    @David: at least its urban areas are fairly compact.

    @Tom: it does.

  9. You found many beautiful fall scenes. thanks for sharing with us.

  10. A beautiful walk with lovely scenery.

  11. What a lovely walk on a beautiful day. Having people in the photo gives it more perspective.

  12. This is my idea of a perfect walk -- beautiful time of year and you would see something new and different to focus on every time. I would never get bored.

  13. Wonderful photo walk in a beautiful area ~ ^_^

    Living in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  14. An enjoyable walk on a beautiful day.

  15. I didn’t see the chipmunk in the second photo. They are busy here too these days.

  16. Me encanta la luz y el color, de tus fotografías.

  17. @RedPat: that it is.

    @Red: you're welcome.

    @Bill: very much so.

    @fun60: it does indeed.

    @Sallie: I enjoyed the walk.

    @Carol: thanks.

    @Marleen: it was.

    @Marie: he's hard to find.

    @Revrunner: the Gallery appeals to me.

    @Ventana: thank you.

  18. What a beautiful walk.
    Lovely photographs William.

    All the best Jan