Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Another gallery inside the ROM concerns itself with East Asia, specifically China, Japan, and Korea. These three shots were from the Chinese side of things, starting with this structure.

While these two large statues stood facing each other.

It's said that one of the ghosts who haunts the museum is seen in this area; he's a former director of the museum. Apparently he liked the Far Eastern artifacts.

While I was in this gallery, I kept hearing this unusual sound. It was a squawking kind of noise. I'll show you what it was tomorrow.


  1. Great statues! They look heavy.

  2. Oh boy I can't wait until tomorrow. I always like the eastern artifacts. MB

  3. The arch like structure is beautiful.
    So are you going to show us a ghost? :-)

  4. I guess you've seen that film about the museum where the exhibits come to life at night,

  5. I like eastern artifacts, too.

  6. Not so big exhibit for 10000 years history.

  7. I don't imagine it was the ghost squawking so I can't wait to see what it was.

  8. I'd like to meet that ghost. I appreciate this part of the ROM too.

  9. I'm interested to see what's coming tomorrow!

  10. Ah, the Ghost of the ROM! Nice shots!

  11. @Linda: they must be.

    @MB: they're very different from other cultural artifacts.

    @Ciel: I wish! I did once photograph something that couldn't quite be accounted for in the place itself, a courtroom where I was attending a wedding...

    @Gerald: Yes, and I wish it had been recast. I can't stand Ben Stiller.

    @Norma: they're fascinating!

    @Inna: there's a lot of history in that part of the world, after all.

    @Sharon: I look forward to the comments tomorrow...

    @EG: there's at least one other ghost in the premises, a little girl in the old planetarium, but that area isn't publicly accessible.

    @Halcyon: I had fun taking shots of my subject for tomorrow...

    @Cheryl: thank you!

  12. I just love this museum series. I'm especially fond of Egypt. I'm sure you would love the Cairo Museum, although too many pieces are on display there, but everything is gorgeous!

  13. Really a great series, William!
    A museum I would visit... one day...

  14. Interesting stuff ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  15. This museum is really one stop shopping for all ancient cultures. Nicely captured.

  16. Amazing, I am in awe at how many treasures of the past ended up in a museum on another continent! Probably a good thing, seeing how some of the countries they originated from do not have the funds to properly display and take care of them.

  17. will be back tomorrow to see what the squawking was.......a bat or a bird the building?

  18. Waiting for the "squawk." I love museums. The Phoenix Art Museum has a terrific Asian display also. I haven't heard of any ghosts. It's probably too new in comparison. Thanks for posting.

  19. @JM: I could be quite happy in the Cairo Museum!

    @Karl: if you're ever over this side of the Atlantic, you must!

    @Country Gal: thank you!

    @Stuart: thanks.

    @Merisi: that's true.

    @RedPat: It occured to me later that there was something I missed seeing and photographing. I'll just have to pay another visit sometime...

    @Gill: you shall see!

    @Mari: when you've got a century old building, expect ghosts!

  20. I so love Asian art. After spending several months in Japan, I hope someday to have the ability to enjoy it more often :)

  21. So enjoyed the posts on Egypt and China.
    I remember when I was at the British Museum and was able to see the mummies.
    The Bowers Museum ( Santa Anna, Ca) one summer had an exhibit from China (sister city) and a was amazed.
    Your so very lucky to live so near to all this !

    cheers, parsnip