Friday, January 10, 2014


At Carleton University, outside the River Building, near the shore of the Rideau River, stands a statue that tends to look rather cold this time of year.

The statue of course is of the great statesman, civil rights advocate, and Indian leader Mohandas "Mahatma" Gandhi. The great man of the Twentieth Century is immortalized across the world, including here in Ottawa. There's a good sized segment of the student population from India, and Gandhi's influence on world history looms large, so placing it here on campus is fitting. I do wonder what Gandhi would have thought of being buried in snow like this.

Turning to the river from the statue, we see the train tracks that cross over the river. A few days back I showed you the view of the river from the train. 

This is as close as we can get to the river in the winter, which is just as well, given how cold it'll be this time of year.


  1. So many contrasts in the photo of Gandhi's statue and its location: the colors, the cultures, the temperatures !

  2. ooh it makes the long walk to freedom seem real

  3. Ghandi would have needed some thermal underwear, methinks.

  4. Brrrr…he does look a bit cold.

  5. man, doesn't ghandi deserve a blankie?

  6. Somebody should put a Snuggie on Gandhi....

  7. Poor man, someone give him a pair of long johns stat!

  8. @Ciel: he needs some hot chocolate!

    @Stuart: if anything, this time of year the statue stands out better against the background.

    @Mo: a very different take on the walk to freedom, mind you...

    @RevRunner: and a scarf, though I'm sure the artist would protest any additions...

    @EG: that too!

    @Sharon: that seems to be the consensus!

    @Tanya: or three blankets...

    @Norma: he could use some gloves while we're at it.

    @LondonLulu: the poor guy!

  9. Love these winter shots! Never saw Gandhi but will look for him now. We are coming to Ottawa next weekend to skate! Thrilled!

  10. Oh, poor Gandhi, not too cold here?

  11. Long johns and a good pair of boots are in order there!

  12. I too wonder what Gandhi would of thought of the snow. Even as a statue he is looking cold.
    I also use Snoopy as my mentor. haha

  13. They pretty much echo my thoughts. Give that brave man some winger clothes.

  14. Never would have thought of Canada and Gandhi in the same breath!

  15. @Merry: he's easy to find, if you know the campus.

    @Karl: very cold for him!

    @RedPat: and some hot chocolate.

    @MB: I doubt he ever came across serious snow in his travels, though I could be wrong...

    @Mari: he needs winter clothes!

    @Cheryl: it's a strange contrast!

    @Krisztina: thank you!