Friday, January 17, 2014

The Paths Of The Dead

Today I'm taking part in the second annual Ontario Bloggers Day. Cindy, at Just North Of Wiarton And South Of The Checkerboard started this concept last year, and I've been following her as a blogger for a long while. It's a chance for bloggers from around the province to get to know each other. Check out her blog, where there'll be blogs listed taking part as the day goes on.

I'm back in Woodlawn Cemetery today.

This particular plot is one I find rather off putting. It's a huge grave, perhaps eventually meant for more people but currently occupied by only one individual. The entire thing screams pay attention to me! Or it's possible the family decided to go overboard when they had this erected. It's much too over the top; the sort of tomb that would appeal to Donald Trump.

I prefer this old tombstone, perhaps because of the statue at its heart.

Another tombstone in a prominent spot of the cemetery was raised in commemoration of several soldiers who fell in the First World War. The stone is capped with a lion.

The Union Jack stands alongside it.

This tombstone carries a quiet dignity to it, something that I like.


  1. If that's over the top, then what would you/have you made of of Père Lachaise cemetery?

    Snow makes it even more melancholy!

  2. I'm wondering if you were alone taking photos in the cemetery. I went to the local one here when we had our last snow (last year) and I was the only one there (and there were no other tracks in the snow... except for the critters). Like your Woodlawn, I thought it was spectacular looking.

  3. I too prefer the quieter markers! We've some crazy ones here in our cemetery, but somehow I need to get over my distaste of them to actually take a photo:) Love the snowy scenes...

  4. oh yes, that's definitely quite the fancy layout he has there! ha, donald trump! i love the union jack against that snow! have a great weekend :)

  5. Seems like there's always at least one over-the-top tombstone in every cemetery. And a lot of interesting ones, too. We have a little girl's grave with a plain granite tombstone with a cat curled on it, carved so artfully that it looks real.

  6. @Ciel: true, I think by European standards, this one might be modest!

    @Stuart: aside from a groundskeeper out with a truck, I was the only person there that I noticed- I passed through on a couple of days. But there were footprints in the snow, so people do walk the pathways regularly. It's probably good exercise.

    @LondonLulu: there's a cemetery over on the Quebec side of the river that I have to get to sometime. It's a beautiful one.

    @Tanya: with mostly cloudy skies, what strikes me about these shots is the monochrome kind of feel, with the only colour coming from the Union Jack and the poppy.

    @Cheryl: that sounds like an appealing tombstone, if tombstones can be appealing!

  7. Money can't buy taste!
    The Sons of England memorial is rather lovely. If ever I'm there..I'll go visit them.
    Jane x

  8. Quiet dignity is what one should hope for in a tombstone William, some folk go so over the top that I'm sure the person below would be mortified if they weren't already :)

  9. Great series. I love traipsing through older cemeteries (cemetarys?). The older ones has huge tombstones and family plots. I always salute the ones honoring those who gave their all for us. We don't get much snow out this way so it was a change to see stones in the snow. MB

  10. There is such dignity to this place, William. Maybe the snow does add to that.

  11. I agree that the snow adds dignity to this cemetery.

  12. Excellent photos...but does it ever stop snowing there???

  13. Thank you William for coming "on board" with me for the 2nd Annual Blogger's Day. I am intrigued with Grave Yards, and the dates on the Stones. xx

  14. @Inna: they're peaceful!

    @Jane and Chris: Just look for the Union Jack!

    @Grace: I would hope they'd be mortified!

    @MB: we're buried in the stuff!

    @RedPat: it might well be.

    @EG: it softens the stones, I think.

    @Norma: maybe, someday, in 2017.

    @Cindy: you're most welcome!

  15. Cemetaries can be such interesting places to explore and the snowfall adds to the serenity of this one. Some folks do seem to like having large memorials as if they would be there to admire them.

  16. Hi William. Enjoyed the pix. Lived in Guelph 30 years, so we know the place well. Up here the cemeteries are tiny and I can usually get all the tombstones in one photo. And we have much more snow.

  17. You certainly picked a wintry day to be outdoors! I enjoyed the pictures though.

  18. I enjoy strolling through old cemeteries reading the tombstones and admiring the sculptures. Your pictures were wonderful. I am visiting your blog from eastern Oregon, USA.

  19. Beautiful series, it's winter !

  20. @Beatrice: they like to think of themselves as masters of the universe.

    @Furry Gnome: Guelph is a town I've always liked.

    @Linda: thank you!

    @Kathy: nice to meet you!

    @Karl: thanks!