Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This stylized map of Europe appears on the floor of this area of the ROM. While I was passing through, one of the museum staffers was speaking with a small group of people nearby, hence the chairs.

A statue of the Virgin Mary with child can be found nearby, one of several sculptures here.

Also present in this part of the museum are a series of rooms, behind glass, decorated in the fashion of the time or the country, each of them different in turn.

The lavish decor from an earlier era makes for an interesting area to pass through. Though perhaps little ones might be looking for the dinosaurs.

Moving out from Europe tomorrow, for a step into nature, so to speak...


  1. Now you have me wondering whose quote that is! The last shot could have been taken close to my home! ;-)

  2. That's a lot of variety there. Nicely captured for us who won't make it there anytime soon... unfortunately.

  3. I love those vintage room displays.

  4. I'd love to know the story behind that floor map of Europe and the quote. Very cool. Wouldn't mind a wander around here myself, I love peeking into those period rooms:)

  5. I am like the little ones looking for dinosaurs. Well not really but nature and such are my favorites. The images shown are excellent. MB

  6. @Ciel: I looked it up. The quote is attributed to David Hume.

    @Stuart: there's such a rich variety in the collection.

    @Gerald: it's got quite a different sensibility compared to current day maps.

    @EG: they do look good!

    @Sharon: they were fascinating to wander through...

    @LondonLulu: it's the kind of place one would spend a day in...

    @MB: fossils are yet to come!

  7. Makes me want to visit this museum!

  8. This museum is really a visit worth!

  9. What is really nice is that you can take photos there. Yours are wonderful.

  10. I love maps ! and that is a very nice one.

    cheers, parsnip

  11. We're going to have to move to Canada if you keep telling us about all the wonderful museums. Thanks for this one.

  12. @Cheryl: it's well worth it, and easy to find in Toronto.

    @Karl: thank you!

    @Tanya: they're quite lovely.

    @Lauren: at least in this museum, yes. Most of the ones in Ottawa as well.

    @Parsnip: thank you!

    @Merry: you're welcome!

  13. So elegant, and yet it is obvious that most people didn't live like that. Fascinating.

  14. Looks like you have some wonderful museums there!

  15. Makes think it is time to wander down to the ROM for a visit!

  16. Looking at those rooms makes me glad I live in the era I do. Though I do wonder how that will be represented in 100 years.

  17. @Mari: true.

    @Krisztina: we do.

    @RedPat: I'd go there often if I lived in the area.

    @Norma: it's a good one.

    @Hamilton: that's true.