Friday, January 24, 2014


The fossil gallery inside the ROM is in the interior of the Crystal. 

Those of you with children will recall that though they have no idea who poured apple sauce all over the dog, they can somehow recite every single fact about a Triceratops, Stegosaurus, or Tyrannosaurus Rex.

While the museum was very busy while I was visiting, by some trick of good fate, the fossil gallery was quiet (perhaps only for a few minutes) while I was inside. So getting a shot of a Triceratops was possible without having rugrats running about in the background (have I mentioned I'm not a dad?)

Of course, the king of dinosaurs is present and accounted for here. The T-Rex is impressive to gaze on.


  1. Lol, much as I love kids, I also like some peace and quiet! They are impressive!

  2. What a great gallery. I can image the kids do love it. And thanks for recounting the wolf story yesterday... I've had a few face to face encounters with bears in the back woods... scary at the time, but what a joy to get up close and personal with nature.

  3. Great stuff. I like a bit of skullduggery myself. I do like children too - but I couldn't manage a whole one.

  4. Very cool ! Thanks for sharing
    Have a good weekend !

  5. We're not childless, we're child free!
    Jane x

  6. I was one of those kids! And I'm impressed you captured these without little ones all about:) Hope the serenity lasted more than a few minutes, and thanks for dino memories!

  7. Looks like they have a large collection but then, many dinosaur skeletons have been discovered in Canada so it seems only appropriate.

  8. I was one of those kids. I'm still one of those kids. Dinosaurs are cool!

  9. @Ciel: peace and quiet can be a premium!

    @Stuart: I've had the odd encounter with bears too.

    @Mike: I certainly couldn't!

    @CountryGal: thank you!

    @Jane and Chris: though you are at the beck and call of kitties!

    @LondonLulu: I was surprised for the quiet moment in there, with so many kids in the museum that day.

    @Sharon: there's a museum out in Alberta I've been to in an area surrounded by dig sites. There's a lot of them out there.

    @Norma: they really are!

    @Inna: T-Rex is an impressive beastie.

  10. Ver very cool. I like the absence of the little darlins' too.

  11. My encounters with dinos and bears have been limited to cartoons and computer generated images. I really enjoy kids, but wish most had been born before talkies were invented..

    In the last photo, Rex looks as though he's carrying a flashlight.

  12. Yeah, kids are great but sometimes you wish they'd go away. Museums are one of those places their enthusiasm gets on the nerves.

    Fossils are neat!

  13. I have never seen any of these display recently, they get better and better!

  14. It's exciting to see children deeply interested in something besides video games and television. It is something to be encouraged. Of course, don't intrude in my space when I deeply absorbed in something. Museums that capture the imagination of young, in between, and old age are to be treasured.

  15. Awesome photos! I still have to practice some of those names.

  16. @MB: it's much more peaceful that way.

    @Speedway: it does look like that!

    @Cheryl: one reason I prefer going in museums at times they'll be in school.

    @VP: thank you.

    @Mari: that's quite true.

    @Shelly: some of them do trip me up!

  17. I think that new space works really well for the dinosaur gallery although I was a bit disappointed with the craftsmanship involved in some of the construction. Glad you had a peaceful time there.

  18. You must have good karma to have had the dinosaur room to yourself. ;)

  19. This collection impressed us as well when we visited the ROM last fall, but then on closer inspection I saw that not all the pieces were "original" so it as even more amazing that reconstruction was done figuring how these large creatures once looked. After all, no one had a digital camera back then. And, yes nothing like a bunch of kids running around to ruin a photo shot.

  20. I never understood the appeal of dinosaurs to little kids. I didn't get that gene. Nice images. They look hard to fit into the frame.

  21. I loved dinosaurs when I was a kid. I eagerly read books by Roy Chapman Andrews on hunting for fossils. Wow, I hadn't thought about that in a long time!

  22. @RedPat: who can pass up dinosaurs?

    @EG: I imagine within a half hour there were kids yelling in there.

    @Gill: I've always found them fascinating.

    @Beatrice: you can sometimes see it on the piece, in terms of what's a replica, because so often it's impossible to recover a full fossilized skeleton.

    @Jack: they did pose a challenge in terms of framing.

    @Linda: kids seem drawn right to them.