Monday, January 27, 2014


Ancient Egypt also tends to draw the crowds in the museum, with a number of artifacts from the region among the collection. This sphinx is set against a larger wall of Egyptian hieroglyphs (I can't recall offhand if the wall is a replica of an original or not, but given that it's not behind glass, odds are it's a replica).

This statue fragment of Cleopatra stands nearby.

My sister-in-law related a story some days later about one of her sons on a visit to the museum. She and my late brother were standing near this sarcophagus with their sons, talking about getting some lunch, and my nephew blurted out about how they could bear to talk about food when they were so close to a dead body.

Another thing I could never quite outgrow from childhood: a fascination with Egypt. I look at this mummy and it draws all sorts of memories to the surface.

It's probably not a good idea to do something like reading from the Book Of The Dead in here. That usually doesn't end well. You wind up getting the dead rising from the grave, Arnold Vosloo running wild, and the ten plagues of Egypt getting unleashed all over the place.

It is an odd thing... to be buried three thousand years ago and end up having your casket on view for all to see long, long after you've gone the way of the dodo.


  1. Especially with your casket open. Though I understand the scientific interest and the need for the masses' education, sometimes I tend to think it's disrespectful...

  2. I guess it's as close to being immortal as you can get. Maybe.

  3. Reminds me of the movie, "The Mummy". Remember that one?

  4. I would LOVE to see this exhibit!

  5. I enjoyed learning about the Ancient Egyptians in history, but the whole mummy thing on display is not really my thing.

  6. An Egyptian exhibit came to the ROM a few years ago, on loan from the British Museum. I could have spent days looking at it all. I've been fascinated with Egypt ever since I did a project on it in grad 5. I hope someday it'll be safe enough for me to visit.

  7. I loved everything about this post. Everything about Egypt is so interesting to me. When I go to New York, I can spend hours in the Egyptian section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and most of that time would be in the room with the Temple of Dendur.

  8. Love how you present your day at the museum. Wonderful work!

  9. @Ciel: there is a creepiness factor to it.

    @Debs: that's another way of looking at it.

    @Revrunner: hence my Arnold Vosloo remark!

    @Norma: Egypt runs in the blood, doesn't it?

    @Gill: it's not for all tastes, admittedly.

    @Carla: I would love to see Egypt for myself someday.

    @Sharon: I'd enjoy myself there!

    @Lauren: thank you!

  10. These are my favorite exhibits at museums. I am so fascinated w/ancient Egypt...ever since my mom showed me some postcards from Egypt when I was little. At the Met in NY they actually have part of a tomb you can walk through. It's amazing. I have so many pics I still haven't posted. Anyway, wonderful photos!

  11. It is indeed fascinating stuff. My main concern with these really, really ancient artifacts is that they are properly protected from air pollution, sunlight, and mischievous visitors. I for one am in favor of good reproductions for the really important items.

  12. This is a wonderful museum William, it must be very large, is it?

  13. I keep forgetting how interesting the ROM can be!

  14. I've loved Egyptian stuff ever since we saw the King Tut exhibit years and years ago!

  15. @Krisztina: there was a reproduction of a room in this museum... I should have photographed it!

    @Stuart: these ones seem reasonably protected. The fragile stuff especially is all behind glass or out of reach.

    @Karl: it is a very good sized museum.

    @Halcyon: there's something for everyone.

    @RedPat: if you were the mummy on display, I assume?

    @Cheryl: it seems to be a common impression!

    @Inna: thank you.

  16. We have a black cat named after one of the characters from The Mummy - Evie!

    Nice post!

  17. Thanks so much for this visit to ROM. It's now on my must-visit list. And thanks so very much for your thoughts on my photos. PS I kept an eye out for you in Ottawa but no luck! Maybe in May! I really enjoy all your photos and your eye for Ottawa.

  18. I think the tombs and the Mummys have always fascinated most of us.
    as you said imagine being dead over 3000 years and ending up in a strange country with everyone looking at you. Odd. MB

  19. I think the mummies fascinate lots of visitors to the ROM.

  20. Egypt has always been fascinating to so many.. Aimee and I were lucky enough to visit a few years ago.. One word, 'awesome'..

  21. @Cynthia: good name!

    @Merry: I have to get back there sometime.

    @MB: quite true.

    @EG: they do.

    @Grace: I'd like to see it for myself someday.