Sunday, January 12, 2014


Anyone who's taken a bus between Toronto and Ottawa will be familiar with a truck stop in Hastings County, on Highway 7 just before the turnoff south. Buses stop here as well at all hours; most of the buses between the two cities take this route, and the staff inside know the schedules. A rest stop is called for, along with the chance to pick up a quick bite to eat.

When I went down to southern Ontario for the holidays, I walked a short stretch down the road. The highway crosses the southern part of the province from east to west. In this part of the province, it's generally quiet. The turnoff to the freeway is there in the distance.

Across the road, the trees were snow covered. In this area, we were already seeing the effects of the ice storm that hit southern Ontario before Christmas.

I stopped near the turnoff, overlooking this river. The Skootamatta River flows through this area, joining the Moira River a short distance away near the village of Tweed. This time of year it's frozen over.

I've seen this river when it's been in flood stages. The next time I pass through ought to be in the spring or summer. I'll have another look at it then.


  1. Truck stops in the US are institutions and, like this one, offer a lot of basic services at a reasonable price. I haven't see anything exactly them in France. I enjoyed seeing these pics in the neighborhood... so calm.

  2. I think I would enjoy the bus ride from Ottawa to Toronto in the winter a lot.

  3. I hope some day I will make it back up to the Ottawa Valley & eventually to Ottawa, William.

  4. At least you had a scenic route...since you love **** so much....

  5. It must have been a chilly walk! It looks so cold to this desert dweller.

  6. @Stuart: it's a sleepy kind of area. Tweed the village, a few minutes drive away, is a lovely little place.

    @Ciel: this portion of it's a nice area. Going along the freeways tends to be a bit boring.

    @Cindy: every Canadian should make it up here once.

    @Norma: snow is such a lovely thing!

    @Sharon: it's about a five minute walk from the stop to the riverside.

  7. Yes, looks cold, and the winter is beauty.

  8. That looks so much nicer than along the 401!

  9. Riding in the bus and looking out on snow would make any traveler feel cozier for not being out there!:)

  10. I'm sure this truck stop is much better than

  11. oops, sorry
    better than those new on route stops on the 400 series highway. They are clean but very expensive and far too busy.

  12. Keep warm......
    Looks very COLD where you are.

  13. @Cheryl: it was a cold day!

    @Inna: thank you!

    @RedPat: it's a much more pleasant route through this part of the province.

    @LondonLulu: Quite true!

    @Hamilton: those places look like they were designed by a marketing executive.

    @Gerald: thank you!

    @Angelika: which suits me just fine!

    @Gunn: the cold comes and goes!