Thursday, January 2, 2014

The National Gallery In Winter

On the same snowy day I took the shots up at Nepean Point, I took these shots of the National Gallery. The first is one of the main approaches. The main entrance is the glass enclosure you see on the right. A large ramp, sheltered from the elements by a glass enclosure, leads up to the galleries inside.

The glass tower itself, having had been sheltered by an iceberg canvas through the last few months, is below. Glass panel replacement seems to be going slower than expected; the job was supposed to be done by now.

Here's an earlier view of the glass tower, before the snow. And this shot of the tower is taken from behind the building, on the path up Nepean Point.

There are several sculptures outside the Gallery. This is one of them, on the back lawn. It's several lampposts fused into one.


  1. Looks like a really interesting building... even when shrouded. I like that lamppost sculpture too. Does it have a title? Reminds me of a giant "jack".

  2. The first shot has a Brueghelesque quality, a modern-day winter scene, the people Breughel liked to populate the foreground with mysteriously absent.
    And I love the "iceberg canvas" - has the Gallery called it such?
    Best wishes for a Happy New Year,

  3. Reminds me how this is the year that they're supposed to repair the Capitol dome in our capitol city. Maybe that will be a photo op for me later in the year.

  4. Why is that jobs seem to take longer than expected? Oh well, it will look GREAT when it's finished.

  5. I have to say, this looks very cold to me. But, I'm a desert rat. When the temp drops below 60F, I'm cold.

  6. Me, too--I get the shivers just looking at it!

  7. @Stuart: I looked it up. The sculpture is called Majestic.

    @Merisi: they've been referring to it along those lines, yes.

    @Revrunner: as a work in progress, that sort of thing is ideal to photograph in stages.

    @EG: and the sheltering has looked visually appealing all along, much more than if they'd gone with conventional coverings.

    @Sharon: cold is good for a person!

    @Norma: ah, the winter's a lovely season!

  8. aw, it looks like the glass tower is wearing a blankie! interesting sculpture!

  9. Nice winter. Interesting architecture. Greetings.

  10. It looks like it is trying to stay warm with covers over it.

  11. Renovating always takes longer than expected! Love that lamppost sculpture!

  12. I assume they are putting high efficiency glass, William.

  13. @Tanya: that's not quite the term I would have thought for it!

    @Inna: thank you!

    @Mari: I'll have to get inside when the work is done!

    @Cheryl: there are other sculptures out there, at least most of the year. One close by might give me trouble trying to photograph it.

    @RedPat: most likely, yes.

  14. Replies
    1. So do I. I haven't photographed it in quite awhile, though I passed by it a few days ago.