Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Thoughts Of A Hound

The view out the window from my cousin's house, in the Wellington countryside north of Guelph, on Christmas Day. The telltale marks of the ice storm are on the trees particularly, coated with ice. This part of the province saw power outages and fallen trees and branches. It might take until spring to see how much damage has really been done.

The house comes with a dog, a handsome fellow named Buddy. With lots of people coming in that day, he had many opportunities for a pet, a wag of the tail, and a hello, how are you doing kind of noserub. I snapped several pictures of him before most people got in, and I thought I'd caption them from his point of view.

"Oh, that food smells good. Can I have some?"

"Any chance you're roasting a bone with that turkey?"

"Wait... was that a squirrel?"

"Hungry again..."

"Am I adorable or am I adorable?"

"Who's a good boy? I'm a good boy!"


  1. What adorable pooch! You should feature him in one of your A Day in the Life of a Dog blogs!

  2. Ah, he's a cutie! He looks a scene stealer.
    Jane x

  3. oh that buddy is cute!! funny captions and probably just what he's thinking!

  4. @Norma: that's a good idea!

    @EG: that appears to be a consensus!

    @Jane and Chris: a scene stealer indeed!

    @Cindy: that he is!

    @Tanya: getting in a dog's head is a lot of fun!

    @Cheryl: even when he's bad, he's too cute to stay mad at!

  5. Cute! He looks a lot like my dog Ben. But apparently Buddy is well behaved!

  6. Such a cute dog and fantastic captions!

  7. He is a good boy with food the number one top piority.
    brr on the snow and ice storm. I hope there is not too much damage. We are having such a mild winter here---so far. MB

  8. Hugs and a belly rub for that wonderful animal.

  9. I think you need to visit Buddy more often or get Buddy a squirrel-chasing relative! Yes, Buddy is adorable.

  10. @Inna: he's certainly a nice hound!

    @LInda: well, he was well behaved that day!

    @Sharon: thank you!

    @MB: this year we seem to be having a normal winter. Lots of snow and cold.

    @Mari: I'm sure Buddy would like that!

    @Krisztina: that's the consensus!

    @Eve: he certainly is!

  11. A day in the life of a real dog! ;-)

  12. I'm thinking you print these out and fan through them like a book to see this pooch in action !

  13. Brilliant William - I really love dogs - miss their companionship but I couldn't look after one now.

  14. @Ciel: it really is official... Buddy's got a fan club!

    @RedPat: I wonder if Buddy knows a Spike The Magnificent, Tormentor of Squirrels.

    @Stuart: well, I did look at them enlarged, and you can flip from one to the next quickly like that, so it does have that flipbook sort of effect!

    @Gerald: I like dogs, but at this point in my life, it's not practical to have one about.

  15. Is he adorable? Is he a good boy? Absolutely!

  16. Oh he is soo cute . I have had dogs all my life and cant imagine my life with out them . Nice photos . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  17. Buddy's thoughtful humans bought him an almost matching couch.

  18. Aaaack, he's adorable! What a fun blog post today!

  19. Oh you are definitely adorable Buddy, mega adorable :)

  20. Good boy and a great looker! ;-)

  21. Who's a good boy! for sure. And cute!

  22. @Jack: definitely.

    @Country Gal: thanks!

    @Speedway: they do!

    @Tamera: I knew he'd be popular.

    @Grace: that he is.

    @Merisi: indeed!

    @Lorelei: yes!

    @Joan: indeed!

    @Merry: cute for sure.