Thursday, October 3, 2013

Artists At Work

The Ottawa School of Art is a four story building in the Byward Market, and for Nuit Blanche, the place was open. It's a sprawling, large place set in an old building, very much an artist's space and a place of education. Many rooms and studios were open, and when we were inside, many people were moving through the place, going from exhibit to exhibit. We stopped in a dark room, pitch black, until you let your eyes get used to the dark... and you could see the fluorescent paint on key locations throughout the room, realizing that the whole room was filled with steel wires strung up at all sorts of angles. Once you saw it, you could navigate through the room with ease.

Another room was very busy, often used for comic strip sessions, a volunteer told me. Some of the work was on the walls. And tables were laid out with paper and pencils for visitors to try their hands at the craft. 

My artistic skills are lacking, so I didn't try it, more interested in capturing the mood of the crowd, not to mention some of the work on the walls.