Friday, October 15, 2021


At the heart of this space is ceremonial powow clothing owned by Amanda Larocque, a Mi'kmak powow dancer.

Other forms of expression, artistic and otherwise, from Indigenous peoples, are displayed nearby.

Another look at that dress.

Departing this area, I took this shot. This evokes the Oka Crisis of 1990, a tense stand off between Mohawk protesters, police, and the army. 

The next thematic area is about Quebec and the Francophone community in the country. It starts with a large photograph and displays of Hydro-Quebec infrastructure.

Nearby are displayed a hockey jersey and stick belonging to one of the greatest to ever play the game, a hero to Quebecers for ages: Maurice "Rocket" Richard of the Montreal Canadiens.

Less well known to the world at large, but highly influential in terms of Quebec was Premier Maurice Duplessis, called the Chief. He led the province for 18 years until his death in 1959, known for social conservatism and economic progress. His supporters adored him, but his views on civil liberties made him despised by his detractors.

The Quiet Revolution followed in the wake of Duplessis' death. It was a time of great social change in Quebec and the adoption of new ways of thinking.


  1. I love pow-wow outfits! So colorful!

  2. Such a very bright vibrant costume.

  3. Beautiful and colourful powow clothings. Have a great weekend.

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    The powow clothing is beautiful. What a great exhibit.
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  5. I was happy to live in Québec during La Révolution tranquille, a period of great social and economic progress.

  6. ...I would love to see a powow.

  7. @Linda: very much so.

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    @David: it changed a lot.

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  8. Beautiful header!!
    I have seen a powow. I always had a soft spot for Indigenous culture and traditions.

  9. There is so much to learn about Canada.

  10. The powow outfit is so colourful.

  11. Great caption for all thee topics.

  12. Beautiful powow outfits. Excellect exhibit.

  13. I don't know much about hockey but I love the native art.

  14. Beautiful creativity exhibit for the Indigenous people ~

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  15. Wow! That first costume is very cool.

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  17. Hasta sus trajes, parecen dispuestos para danzar, en una buena colocación.

  18. Cos I'm dipping in, I feel I'm missing a bit of context here. But that's a heck of a dress! And, yet again, Canadian culture impresses.

  19. Lovely native art.
    I like a lot of your header.

  20. We have so much to learn from First Nations, Inuit and Metis. Their regalia is amazing. I have enjoyed the pow wows Ive been to.

  21. Very cool thanks! And thanks for the Canadian history too.

  22. That ceremonial clothing is gorgeous and I LOVE the art in the display case.