Saturday, October 16, 2021


We start today with a series of record covers by Quebec musicians of the period of the Quiet Revolution.

In 1967, Charles de Gaulle, the self proclaimed war hero of France who had weaseled his way into leading France years later, came to Canada on tour. He came to Montreal, gave a speech at the city hall to the crowds outside, and shouted "Vive le Quebec Libre". It fed the mood of separatists, outraged the country as a whole, and pretty much fed into his rampant ego. Arguably the biggest ego ever to stride the planet, and all based on a house of cards. Can you tell I'm not a fan of Charles Bloody de Gaulle? 

In short, the man was an asshole.

Over the course of several years during this period, the Front de liberation du Quebec (FLQ) operated a terror campaign of bombings, going beyond political activism into violence for Quebec sovereignty. 

Here we have police protective gear and equipment typical of a bomb squad of the period.

The October Crisis of 1970 erupted when the FLQ kidnapped James Cross, a British diplomat, and Pierre Laporte, a Quebec cabinet minister. Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act in response; Cross was released but Laporte was killed before the crisis was brought to an end.

An editorial cartoon of two eternal adversaries. The Parti Quebecois premier Rene Levesque is at left. Prime Minister Trudeau, in Mountie attire, is at right.

The two men would be at their most acrimonious during the first Quebec separation referendum. Levesque would fail in his endeavor to break Quebec out of Canada. Video of both men speaking from that time are found here.


  1. A less famous part of your history to me...

  2. interesting post. I didn't know there was an armed violence in Canada as well (was very young at that time).

  3. I remember that when de Gaulle shouted "vive le Quebec libre"only I was too young to understand. I didn't like him just by his look ! And his wife was a scarecrow !

  4. I was living in Québec when M de Gaulle made his famous statement. His entire life, however, is not reflected in that inflammatory speech, and I think you are being a little harsh on him. Chacun à son goùt!

  5. That was quite a time in our history.

  6. @Italiafinlandia: it's known here.

    @Klara: it's one of the darker times in our history.

    @Gattina: how Eisenhower and Churchill put up with him during the war is something I couldn't do.

    @Jan: it's known in these parts.

    @David: I've long thought he was the worst sort of opportunists.

    @Gemel: thank you.

    @Jennifer: it was.

  7. I never knew, but your "In short" sure made me laugh!!
    Thank you for this lesson. Really. Why don´t teachers manage your task? Took me minutes and I learned a lot!

  8. I remember his name but know nothing about him.

  9. ...a part of history where my knowledge is rather sketchy at best!

  10. @Iris: it helps that it's material that interests me.

    @Bill: he was an opportunist.

    @Maywyn: I think so.

    @Tom: mine is good.

    @RedPat: all too true.

  11. These were very disruptive and stressful times.

  12. Great post and I do believe you don't like DeGaulle ~ good photos of creative works ~

    Living in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  13. Nunca debió de dar ese discurso, para provocar el enfrentamiento en esa nación.


  14. Your description of de Gaulle sounds an awful lot like a certain form US president.

  15. @Red: they were.

    @Marleen: indeed.

    @Carol: a very unpleasant person.

    @Ventana: thank you.

    @Sharon: De Gaulle was at least competent.

  16. I'm old enough to recall Charles De Gaulle and I must say you are being too kind. What an uproar resulted from those words of his. As for the record covers, the remark made me go looking for my McGarrigle sisters album Dancer with Bruised Knees. Then it is off for Leonard Cohen. Cheers!

  17. i don't really follow political cartons and whatnot but i can appreciate the way they draw them. that is the part i enjoy. i feel like ... nto sure what year of school but we would cut those out. enjoyed it. have a great rest of your weekend. fall temps here. enjoying it. ( ;

  18. Thank you for filling Us in William

  19. I don't know much about the Quebecois apart from wanting to separate. I hope it never happens. I do love Quebec but Canada belongs together.