Tuesday, September 6, 2022

The Canada Aviation And Space Museum

 One day in the first half of August I decided on a visit to the Canada Aviation And Space Museum, another of our national museums in the capital area. It's on the east edge of the Rockcliffe Park area, and still home to an active airport for single engine planes. Getting there if you don't have a car is a bit of a challenge, which I knew already from previous visits. I got off from a bus and walked in, coming along the Aviation Parkway and taking these two shots.

Approaching the property, I took this first shot, which includes the annex hanger.

The main building is here- appropriate for its theme. It is one vast hanger, open in design, with civilian and military aircraft from the country and beyond inside.

Coming inside, the first thing you see is this plane suspended from above. These are used by the Snowbirds, a Canadian military flight team.

Another thing you see is this large cylindrical structure. It is a hall of honour for the Royal Canadian Air Force, founded in 1924. Flags and a ceremonial sword are placed beneath the crest high overhead.

The interior of this space is fascinating. A topographical map, mixed with a three dimensional version beneath the glass, rings around the room.

Overhead is an occulus, with sunlight coming in from the open skylight windows on the roof here.

Outside again, a dedication for the space. The RCAF motto is Through Adversity To The Stars. Very fitting.


  1. The architecture and interior designs are special.

  2. The interior is spectacular as is the sky.

  3. That cylindrical structure with the occulus is truly amazing, William.

  4. Hello,
    The museum is interesting, I like the skylights. Take care, enjoy your and the week ahead.

  5. We used to take my grandchildren there. They always enjoyed it - and so did we.

  6. Tiene muy buen edificio el Museo. Lo que más me ha gustado ha sido el tragaluz,

  7. ...what a fabulous day for a visit.

  8. @Italiafinlandia: it is.

    @roentare: I thought so.

    @Gemel: definitely.

    @Jan: I like it.

    @Eileen: thanks.

    @David: it's well worth visiting.

    @Ventana: thank you.

    @Tom: it was a pleasant day.

  9. An intriguing building...I think I'd have to walk around the structure to understand how the inside relates to the outside! And oh, the planes!

  10. You have so many wonderful museums to visit.

  11. @Sandi: it's quite a museum.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Barbara: much more to come.

    @Aritha: it really is.

    @Marie: this tour will take awhile.

    @RedPat: there's no shortage of them.

  12. That's a very striking, modern building.

  13. I hope you show all of the collection

  14. Wow! ~ Awesome place and photos ~ thanks ~

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  15. Looks like an interesting place to visit.

  16. Thank you for sharing this it's an amazing and interesting place. Love that plane hanging from the ceiling too!

  17. I'll adore aviation and am a push over for good occulus!