Monday, October 3, 2022

Eating, Working, And Exercise In Microgravity

 Most food consumed in space is of the dehydrated variety in packages- from which you eat.

Care packages from Earth are a given. It's a morale booster to receive things from your family if you're up there for a year, not to mention being able to talk with them regularly. These are items belonging to Robert Thirsk of the CSA.

The aforementioned dehydrated food? Right here.

Tools are specifically made for work in space. No, Red Green, duct tape is not the answer to everything.

When work is called to be done, Mission Control is always on hand.

Microgravity wrecks havoc with the body for extended tenures in space. To work against this, astronauts need to exercise daily, minimizing their recovery time back on earth.

There is a reconstruction of the ISS cupola here, a spot on the station that looks out on the earth as the station passes by in orbit. Video footage from the ISS fills the screens in a loop.


  1. It would be so depressing to be up in the space in isolation! These moral boosters would have been so important for them

  2. Nice you can have a bit of family food.

  3. I was at the space museum in Huntsville, AL many years ago when my daughter was a youngster and we tried the dehydrated food in the cafeteria, as a novelty. Let me just say that once was enough!

  4. @Italiafinlandia: indeed.

    @roentare: but the view is incredible.

    @Iris: some things from home help!

    @David: I'd try it to see how it tastes.

    @Francisco: thank you.

  5. The experience of floating free for a while must be wonderful, I think.

  6. I don't know why I never thought of care packages from home going to the space station!

  7. Tomatoes! I couldn't read what they did with them...sucked out the insides? Not at all dehydrated!

  8. ..that must be a strange feeling.

  9. Intriguing and fascinating ~

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  10. Must be a very strange experience getting used to. Glad they had some exercise equipment to help them along.

  11. @Maywyn: indeed.

    @Jan: I imagine you get used to it.

    @Jeanie: if you're up there a year, it helps.

    @Barbara: it's not on the panel, so I looked it up- fresh produce would be a treat, as it only has a shelf life of a couple of days or so, since there aren't fridges up there. Certain things like tomato would be packed in at the ground, and if carefully dealt with in space don't pose a problem. But of course as with everything up there you have to be careful.

    @Tom: it can be.

    @Carol: thanks!

    @Bill: it's a good idea.

  12. Another very interesting blog post William.

  13. It all looks to be such tight quarters. They must cherish open space when they get back.

  14. Es la alimentación adecuada, para esa actividad.

  15. Thanks for taking us off the earth for a while. I needed a break. William

  16. Gotta say that would be quite a view!