Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Life Along The Rideau Canal

 The locks that make up the Ottawa Locks are particularly picturesque, where the Rideau Canal and the Ottawa River meet.

A scale model gives you the bird's eye view of them.

John By and his work crew accomplished a formidable task over six years. In the nearly two centuries afterwards, the Canal has endured, today best known as a route for pleasure boaters and tourists.

As noted yesterday, this building was originally known as the Commissariat, a warehouse and headquarters for the project, solidly built, with thick walls. 

Coming to the back end, we find the vault, still as it was. The staircase on the wall, narrow here, drew my eyes up.

And I saw this.

Looking into the vault itself, here we have the view. Gunpowder and money would have been kept in these spaces.

Upstairs on the second floor, the real story of Ottawa begins with those who were here before the days of John By. First Nations tribes had been in the Ottawa Valley for thousands of years. Stone tools in this display case bear witness to their time here.


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  2. William, your history explanation is always so interesting and easily understood (history flummoxed me at school) I looked up Lt Col John By and egineer who constructed Rideaux Canal. Thanks for sharing and for always visiting my bland blog posts, Jo .

  3. Thanks for his journey through history, William.

  4. I really enjoyed this tour, thank you. The photo of the barrels is very arty.

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  6. I looks a bit creepy. But then I´m scared off easily.

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    Great exhibit and tour. I like the model of the canal. Take care, enjoy your day!

  8. ...building canals and particularly locks, I find fascination.

  9. Nice post with the model of the locks, William.

  10. Nice tour and exhibit, William.

  11. I liked seeing that model of the canal lock.

  12. Wonderful historic post and photos ~ the canal is always fascinating ~

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  13. Neat exhibit. Staircases in the old days look more like fancy ladders.

  14. This is a really interesting section of the museum. I'm going to enjoy this series.

  15. I have been walking around there with Google Maps today. It's a nice area with with the locks.

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  18. A great detailed description of this canal and structure.

  19. I visited the Rideau canal once and I was impressed.

  20. William - I am fascinated by canals and locks. There is something so attractive about the symmetry and the stairstep nature of the locks; I find it endlessly romantic.

  21. I’ve been through canal locks in Maryland and Michigan … fascinating technology.