Saturday, October 1, 2022

City Daily Photo Theme Day: Rest, Sleep, Relaxation

 The first day of each month is a theme day for members of City Daily Photo. This month that theme is Rest, Sleep, Relaxation. Take a look at how other members of the group are taking on the theme right here.

I am in the midst of a series from the Canada Aviation And Space Museum. For me, a museum visit is relaxing. And as I live in a national capital, there are a number of national museums here- as well as local museums. I start today where I left off yesterday. This is a Canadarm, part of the exhibits at this museum, and part of the ongoing program by the Canadian Space Agency in space, as there's one on the ISS in space. This particular one came here from the space shuttle Endeavour after the retirement of the shuttle program.

A model alongside it explains that what we think of as the Canadarm is in fact three distinct elements called the Mobile Servicing System, developed by Canadian engineers, consisting of the mobile base system, the Canadarm itself, and the Dextre, a two armed robot doing some of the specific tasks.

The next area beyond this looks extensively into life on the ISS in particular and space in general. Canada is one of the partner nations in the ISS.

In keeping with the theme of sleep- how do astronauts sleep? In a padded compartment with items secured to the walls, including a sleeping bag you slide into. It's recreated here.

A video display screen alongside it features Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, who became well known during his last mission to the ISS for social media posts about life in space. In the video he talks about the process of tucking yourself in for a night's sleep.


  1. One of those international projects which really is international.

  2. Thoroughly enjoying your museum marathon posts so far. It does seem like a way to immerse oneself in the museum walks

  3. Interesting. Great engineering and brave people. So creative. I remember one singing "Major Tom" from up there.

  4. The Canadarm really cemented Canada's name in the space programme.

  5. It’s good to have such a role in the ISS.

  6. Good to have international projects.
    Happy October wishes.

    All the best Jan

  7. What fun! I love seeing any floating people, like that last shot.

  8. Fascinating photos. Sleeping on a wall is a new brain experience.

  9. Wonderful part about the ISS. I like watching them live now and again.

  10. I find museum visits relaxing, too -- unless I'm with someone who just wants to hurry through. More often than not, it's better on your own.

  11. sure to have days of rest!

  12. I haven't looked for the ISS in the skies in a long time. I need to do that again.

  13. Wow! Fascinating exhibit and photos ~ wonderful that you have so many museums ~ great history source ~

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  14. The ISS is amazing. I can't imagine what it would be like to be a part of it.

  15. I would agree with you, I find museums very relaxing peaceful places to visit, it's like being home.

  16. Aviation certainly has evolved hasn't it, this tour leaves nothing out.

  17. @fun60: very much so.

    @roentare: I thoroughly enjoy museums.

    @Iris: that was Chris Hadfield.

    @David: it did indeed.

    @anvilcloud: definitely.

  18. @Jan: yes it is.

    @DJan: me too.

    @Maywyn: indeed.

    @Jan: what they contribute to the world is extraordinary.

    @Jeanie: I agree.

  19. @Tom: definitely.

    @Sharon: I saw it a couple of times.

    @Carol: thank you.

    @RedPat: probably well once they get adjusted.

    @Bill: an adventure.

    @Amy: that it is.

    @Gemel: it has.

  20. I have always admired the genius and utility of the Canada rm