Tuesday, August 24, 2021


 I was particularly taken with a display area set up like a temple. Sekhmet was a lion headed goddess of the Egyptians, and this area included several large statues of her. Mirrors gave the illusion that there were many more statues.

One of the video projections I mentioned a couple of days ago, this one featuring what a temple of the period might have been like.

Close by, artifacts honouring the gods and goddesses, like a votive or a statue, both of a religious nature.

Another look at Sekhmet.


  1. Museums certainly have more interesting and imaginative displays than they did when I was a child.

  2. Esta zona del mueseo es bastante interesante, con la buena selección de estatuas que hay expuestas en en él.

  3. wow mystic and beautiful:))What time there was before:))Thanx for sharing!

  4. I know little of Egypt. I suppose I should visit!

  5. @John: this was creatively done.

    @Italiafinlandia: I enjoyed it.

    @Ventana: thank you.

    @Anita: you're welcome.

    @Jennifer: I'd love to go.

    @Marie: definitely.

  6. That's a very nice presentation of Sekhmet.

  7. Those people-dogs really freak me out.

  8. I think that I can become an armchair Egyptologist just by reading your blog!

  9. I love Egypt and all of its art and history. I am looking forward to more posts on this subject. I saw the King Tut exhibit a few years ago. Absolutely stunning.

  10. Ancient Egypt has always fascinated me. The lighting in the exhibit really sets the mood. Great photos William!

  11. Brilliant use of mirrors and lighting to recreate the temple. So interesting. Years and years ago we took our four kids to see the traveling King Tut exhibit in Portland (about 100 miles f rom home) but it was so crowded we really never could get close enough to most exhibits to really see them. You are so fortunate to have this wonderful museum close to home.

  12. @Gemel: it was.

    @Jan: she'd approve.

    @RedPat: I enjoyed it.

    @Sandi: I can see that.

    @David: Egypt fascinates me.

    @Michelle: I would like to see some of Tut.

    @Denise: it was appropriately lit.

    @Sallie: I enjoy this museum.

  13. I can see why that attracted you. I would be pulled in by it as well.

  14. Thank you for another interesting walk through history, an incredible place to tour.

  15. @Revrunner: very much so.

    @Jeanie: I found it striking.

    @Linda: thank you.

    @21 Wits: you're welcome.

    @Joanne: thanks.

  16. Awesome display ~ love the lighting ~

    Living in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  17. Wonderful display with the mirrors:)